At this moment the scurvy dog is enjoying the heat and humidity in Singapore where he’s spending a few days resting with his wife. They’re very stressed by the move so need some time off. My heart bleeds!

He’d brought over a box of food (before he left) and last night I made some bread from the box. It was a seeded bread, was almost out of date, and cost almost £5 for the mix! It was gluten free, wheat free, soy free, milk free, yeast free. It was also fluffy free, taste free (except for seeds), and a complete waste of time. I’ve also got some fig pickle which I’ve not had the courage to try yet, balsamic marinade, tamarind paste (no idea what to do with that) and other weird and wonderful food stuff. I also had a jar of black olives that looked strange and found them to be 2 years out of date! They used to eat a lot of ‘weird’ food, and obviously didn’t pay much attention to sell by dates. Of more use are chick peas, coconut milk, flour, boxes of different teas and more herbs than I can possibly use. I’ve shared some of the food with my two sisters and my cupboards are rammed. At least it will cut down on the grocery bill for a while.

They haven’t given me a forwarding address yet, as they don’t know exactly where they’re going to live and I’ve got to go to their house one day to pick up some other things. Honestly, they don’t seem to have planned this well at all. To each their own, but I doubt I could emigrate in this seemingly haphazard way.

In other news; there are 2 male colleagues that I ‘like.’ Both are a similar age. I’ve spent a very enjoyable half hour having coffee with one (A) and thought he liked me. However, he only talks to me when I’m on my own. He never talks to me if other colleagues are around and actually ignores me. The other colleague (B) talks to me if I’m with others though he acts very flustered and even drops things, but doesn’t talk to me if I’m on my own; he smiles briefly and scurries off as if he’s afraid I’ll bite him. Strange people…

My sister is having major reconstructive surgery next week which will be a relief if all goes well. She’s hopeful it will all be okay and that by February she’ll be finally able to go back to work. Any positive thoughts gratefully received. Thank you.

Three and a half weeks to the Christmas break. Not that I’m counting… LOL