In 1969 Roger Miller released a self-titled album and was the first to record "Me and Bobby McGee" (Kris Kristofferson - Fred Foster). The tune got to number twelve on the country chart. Sheb (Shelby) Wooley was first to teach Roger guitar chords.

Rhodes Scholar, U.S. Army Captain, helicopter pilot, composer, actor and Columbia Studio janitor Kris Kristofferson presents one of many versions recorded by him. Kris received the American Veteran of the Year Award in 2003.

Recorded just days before her death, Janis Joplin, who dated Kris Kristofferson, topped the chart with the single released posthumously in 1971 from the album "Pearl". Janis influenced music and pop culture for years.

According to many including this writer as told to me by both Kris Kristofferson and Fred Foster, Monument Records owner Fred Foster challenged Kris Kristofferson to write a tune about Boudleaux Bryant's secretary Bobby McKee. The rest is a part of "misheard" history.