In 1965 Carl Belew was first to record "Crystal Chandelier" (Ted Harris) and took the song to number twelve on the country chart. It's on the album "Am I That Easy To Forget". Composer Ted Harris received a Grammy nomination for the song that year.

Vic Dana (interesting details elsewhere) got to number fourteen on the Easy Listening chart and fifty-one on the pop chart with his 1965 cover. It's from the album of the same name.

Although it unbelievably never charted and wasn't released as a studio single, "Crystal Chandeliers" (note the plural) was a big country hit for Charley Pride in 1967 from the album "The Country Way". The single features his mentor Jack Clement, Jerry Reed, Harold Bradley, Lloyd Green and Junior Husky on guitars. After he tried out for the New York Mets as a baseball player Charley was returning to the Memphis Red Sox via Nashville and that started his musical career. Every year Charley works out with the Texas Rangers.