golden potshots, album created on November 23, 2013

some of the slightly better ones

nice street furniture, album created on June  1, 2014

Many towns are spoiled by modern seats and tacky-looking bins and bus-stops, so here's a reminder of how nice the traditional stuff looks.

unimproved houses, album created on April  9, 2015

The appearance of our streets has been so spoiled by the craze for "home improvements" with plastic windows and exterior wall-painting, that it's nice to see a few houses still in their original style.

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Wrong Foot Put - the vagaries of narcolepsy - 12 months ago

They must not a wrong foot put, or they will end up in the soot. Scientists reckon the thinking part of the brain is suppressed during dreaming. So how come I can write poetry in my sleep? I was dreaming that I'd taken a photo of workmen trudging down a wintry street, where the last remnants of snow had somehow changed to piles of soot, and it was whilst trying to think of a rhyming caption that I came up with the above gem, which is certainly more ingenious than anything my waking m…

  • Jeremy Bamber case

    - September  7, 2015
    On 7th August 1985, at White House Farm, Tolleshunt D’Arcy, Essex, five members of one family were shot dead. They were 61-year-old farmer, Nevill Bamber; his wife, June; their daughter, Sheila Caffell; and Sheila’s six-year-old twins, Nicholas and Daniel. June and Nevill had married in 1949 and, finding themselves unable to have children of their own, adopted a baby through the Church of England Children’s Society. June suffered depression following Sheila’s arrival in 1957 and was admitt…

Piers Corbyn's Bonn Square speech

Oxford Freedom Rally - See all videos

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Isisbridge club
Happy New Year Everyone and good shots!
6 years ago.
Happy New Year Isis!!!
6 years ago.
jove club
Bonsoir Isisbridge. Merci de ton passage.Tes images de Oxford sont très interessantes. Bon fin de semaine.
6 years ago.
 Roger (Grisly)
Roger (Grisly) club
Thank you for the kind comments, One flickr refugee to another , You have interesting and well captured photos,
7 years ago.
Isisbridge club
Thank you, Flickr, for seven happy years.
Why did you have to go and spoil it?
7 years ago.

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