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Saturday, 24 May 2008 Memorial Day Walk / Washington DC, album created on May 27, 2018

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Lt. Thomas Hansen, Jefferson County (WV) Sheriff's Office, album created on November  5, 2015

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Blossom Kite Festival . National Mall . Washington DC . Sunday afternoon, 10 April 2011 . Elvert Xavier Barnes Photography For more info visit DC About at - See all videos
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Word of Caution When Editing Photos With Picnik - 11 years ago

While I have been a member of Picnik for several years, its only been in recent months that I have used its photo-editing feature on a regular basis. In attempts to move my projects along more quickly after uploading an image to Ipernity from my computer, if necessary, I would then upload the image to Picnik from Ipernity, crop and/or straighten it, as needed. And then click the REPLACE tab. Not until today did I learn that these particular RELACED images, edited with Picnik, can not be…

  • Merry Christmas to All

    - December 25, 2009
    Two of my End of 2009 / New Year 2010 music compilations that you may enjoy listening to over the Christmas weekend are : 1. EVERYDAY: Decade In Review (1999 - 2009) Dance Hits 2. SAVE YOUR LOVE FOR ME: Electronica Dance Mix Spanning 3 Decades Merry Christmas to ALL. Elvert

  • My EUPHORIA Music Mix

    - May 17, 2009
    You can learn much about a man by the music that he listens/dances to. Listen and/or download my March 2009 EUPHORIA trance, progressive house and gay circut mix.

Elvert Xavier Barnes Mixology (2008 - 2009), album created on December 16, 2008

Art Work for Elvert Xavier Barnes Mixology projects Podcast at Webstie at

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