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ask a photo or a similar not yet on site - 8 years ago

It is possible to get a pic in by means of email or others not yet on Ipn (in small format) ask mailadres and your country age gender purpose c ést possible demander une photo a quality web Es ist moglich eine Photo zu bekommen in 720x1080 fragen sie mein email und gebe deine Land und regio

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    - November  6, 2013
    Already 50 years a photographer (first b&W with 40years own darkroom) but now publish I only the digital ones started in 2006. Living near the Belgian border in The Netherlands but born in Amsterdam Interested in Architecture,antiques,art, anatomy,Landscapes,Seascapes,nature,streetlife, There are albums please look . Any comment is welcome. There are photo's for Friends more unconventionel but still with the aim of a esthetic picture with clair obscure Enjoy them

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 Theodoor Kouros
Theodoor Kouros
8 years ago.
welcome to ipernity ! many thanks for your visit and your stars !
9 years ago.

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