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The Nurse (God Bless Them) - 4 weeks ago

Having problems with my limbs Doctors receptionist says “I will send up the practice nurse” “No, I don’t want a practice nurse I want a fully trained nurse” Car pulls up outside the door No flashing lights or sirens Lady alights and procedes to get dressed in a disguise Green coveralls, green hat, plastic apron, face mask, eye protection She looked like a Muslim woman in a green niquab Is that so we cannot recognize her again? Inside the house she put on rubb…

  • Do you remember: Factory Girls

    - April 16, 2020
    Do you remember: Factory Girls Ministry of Works Recruiting poster The men all called to arms Factories required hands to manufacture goods Engineers to make the machines of war Fitters: to assemble aircraft, tanks, Machinists, to work the lathes to make the parts Hands to fill shells with explosives Working in small numbers in sheds behind the local inn, or In an organised factory setting > Still in small isolated sheds Some protected by earth walls Filling the shells with "…

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Jakvo club
Vi havas belajn fotojn. Mi ŝatas ĝin ĉiuj.
8 weeks ago.
 Saluton al ciuj...! Les pages de Danilo
Saluton al ciuj...!… club

Bpnan tagon ...!
13 months ago.
 Wild Rose
Wild Rose club
Hi thanks for joining me
13 months ago.
 Maria Lovasz
Maria Lovasz
Greetings from Hungary
13 months ago.
Elbertinum club
Herzliche Grüße aus der schönen Sächsischen Schweiz bei Pirna
15 months ago.

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