Group: " A characteristic facial appearance "

talking & smoking

Chamaeleo calyptratus

my lovely sun

music behind the grate in La Habana/Cuba

two Ladies & a fence from the past (about 1905)

the Pope's prayer

hindu pilgrim

Old woman of Haridwar

I'm so cute

dancing in Vienna

not only the leaves fall ....

unfamiliar external

Tribute to Covid-19 Pandemic Victims and Fraternit…

Domenico - a good guitar man in Ostuni...

some days is not easy to keep in balance (art of p…

art of paper-mache' in Lecce

masks in the wind

the blue eye

blue paper lady

The beauty of a happy child

Ethiopian boy at work

hindu sadhu

indian barbershop

Der Duft der in die Nase steigt ~ ~ ~

playing the side-blown flute

Red Cover

still closed..but...