Group: Strommasten ~ power poles ~ Poteaux électriques

Power on Deeside


Hershey - yellow Chevrolet

Matanzas - Puente de Hierro Sobre el Río San Juan

Volltreffer - Direct hit

Caibarién - Instituto Politécnico


Power conflict

Vorsicht Hochspannung! .. Caution high voltage!

Leben unter Strom

Umspannwerk in Frankfurt/M-Höchst

Natur und Technik - Nature and Technology (2xPiP)

cable node

Back in the highlands

Energy supply 1x PiP

Green wires

Opel on the road

Tower view.

Cables with the bird-repelling devices

Xcel Energy 4kV

charged epiphytes - HFF!

Eight years ago today

Happy Fence Friday

a basketball court and a skyscraper

sugar mill - Argentina

Guantanamo - abandoned market

Strom, Stirl und Steggali :)

Estacion de Bombas