Group: Street lamp / Eclairage public

a look in a lane in PORTO /Portugal

Kandelaber am Markt in Glückstadt...

quando nevica

sereine and luminous winter

It's all about sweetness

Jouvenseaux - visione invernale - una strada stret…


Saint Catherine Chapel (1681).

Typical houses.

Tramonto a Punta Vagno - parco pubblico

335 C'est le jour et la nuit...

Roma dal taxi

Steamy encounter

blue hour fountain

HWW von den BIG BAD KIDS (3 PiP)



Trompe l'œil mural.

The balcony fence from the painter's house - HFF

Night and the City

Survoltage /Overvoltage

Sous le Skytrain

Route 66 Cafe

sunset benches

The dome (06.01.2024)