Group: White Flowers

Potted Weeds

Just Daisies and Dead Leaves.

Flowering Unseen.

Queen Anne's Lace By My Beloved Joni

Weißer Mohn

"Pearl Jennifer" by My Angel

A l'abbaye de Léhon-Dinan (22)

On Our Hedge

Little Eurasian Coot Chicks

Barbe-de-bouc = Aruncus dioicus, Rosacées (Haute-S…

Trèfle d'eau = Menyanthes trifoliata, Ményanthacée…

Orchis verdâtre = Platanthera chloranta, Orchidées…

Anémone des Alpes = Pulsatilla alpina, Renonculacé…

Grande astrance = Astrantia major, Apiacées (Haute…

Grey box in flower

Trailside Flowering Grass (Explored)

Mass of Petunias.

... einladend ...

Just Common Weeds.

Philadelphus 'Mock Orange'

Bon 1er juin

Hallo kleiner Tropfen...

Acorns And A Daisy

Calle di notte sul terrazzo.

Agapanthus At Sunset.

Mein kleiner Albino ... My little albino