Group: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Triple Beauty.

1 (11)a..austria herbst autumn ..kastanie..chestnu…

Autumn Tree

1 (36)austria autumn..tree with sunrise

For Andy: the embrace and the dancers (PIP)


1 (11)...autumn herbst...rainy day

SoS - naturalised snowdrops

light at play in the garden

Spring gardens in black and white (PIP)

Forlorn In The Leaves.

Goods Delivery: "Sign here!"

in my secret life -- PIP added

heading home - HBM!

poppy core

A Riot Of Colour.

Under the Tuscan sun

Village square bench HBM!

Casa sulla pescaia - House on the Milldam

Roadside Weeds In Flower

Petunias In A Hanging Basket,

1 (33)...austria tree baum..autumn herbst

Fence and wisteria HFF! (with PIP)

Nice Garden