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La Sierra de La Cabrera. I recall it as a perishin…

Las Agujas de Cancho Gordo

Carn Galva

Spot the climber

Mountain stream over granite. After the rain.

Another Cornish granite stile.

Great Gable dominates Wasdale Head and Wastwater

Wheal Pink / Pink Moors

Bosigran Head to Gurnard's Head

Carn Galva (or Galver, the jury's still out) and p…

Over the vale and far away (1 x note)

"Are we rockin' today, dear?" ... It seemed to fal…

Griffon Vulture, blue sky, rock window and granite

Granite and broom and spot the rock window!

Granite par excellence!

My old friend, the Guardian of the Mountains

HFF everyone!

Granite and not much else.

HANWE, everybody! Does granite have a heart? Obvio…

La Sierra de La Cabrera from the other side (see p…

La Sierra de La Cabrera - granite extravaganza!

Granite playground

Granite headbutt

Cancho Gordo. An oldie for sure, but not previousl…

Another evening light shot on the Cornish coast.

It's those difficult-to-spot mountain goats again!

From Mondalindo to La Sierra de LaCabrera