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Holy House of Mercy.

Paso de Uspallata - 3832 m


Paso de Uspallata - 3832 m

Pinnacles of power


flags, Che and other important souveniers

Argentina - 2000

The keep Cardiff castle

Swiss Courtyard in the Ducal Palace.

Lippi Palace.

festival degli aquiloni 2016 ... cerf-volant ... k…

Sous-préfecture de Nedroma.HFF.


Lucca Doorway.

Monument to Garibaldi (1892).

Palazzo dei Cavalieri (Palace of the Knights).

Pisa Cathedral and its leaning belfry.

MS Sarfaq Ittuk

flagstaff of Cárdenas - Cuba

Bienvenidos a Gibara

Seixal Lisbon

Wall painting.

Chandra Mahal (Moon Palace).

Diwan-i-Khas (Audience Hall).

Hindu Temple of Birla (1986).

Sikh Temple Gurudwar Bangla Saheb.

Art walk