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very old HFF

Wheal Coates tin mine, then and now. For Andy

Birthday Party with Cake, Candles, Balloons, and H…


July the 3rd:)

Die Wunnernaas and Rodney Miller

My Mother's Older brother and sister Eunice and Le…

Grandparents' wedding

Mother and Son with White-Rimmed Sunglasses

Time Traveler

chloé in the sixties

Christmas - 1973

A Giant among Santas

My sister, Karen, seeming a bit skeptical at Wiebo…

Santa at the Five and Ten

Santa - When You're Too Old For All That

Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr. in…

Cub Scout Pack. Greenville, Illinois, USA. c. 1959…

Picking Coconuts, Miami Beach, Florida, March 1946

Newlywed, Betty Parkes Tarpley, 19, Miami, FL, 194…

West Coast Palm Tree and House

Police Car

Good Ol' Boys

Chicago Police Officer Receives Highest Award For…

Proud of Their Flock

Posing with Pigeons for a Plebeian Picture on the…