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On a Slow Train through Arkansas

American Food

Hot Meal, July 1914

Working in an Office, Dec. 24, 1947

Funny Easter Bunnies, 1961

"The Breadwinner"

Serpentarium at the Butantan Institute, São Paulo,…

Papa Drilling

A Smile Behind the Easter Lily

Me with Dolls, 1964

Cowboy Kid Riding a Mustang, Christmas 1969

Mary and Lisa, Christmas, 1953

High Noon Lost Scene

Vermont Cowgirl

I'll wrestle you for it!

Forced to raise cane.

Ceremonial Girl

Guys with Their Dolls

A King and Queen in St. Augustine?

Decorating the Wedding Car

Bridesmaid, 1974

Sargent Student Studying, ca. 1930s

Turn of the Century Graduation

"F" for Frances

"F" for Flo, Flowers, and Fence