Group: Ghost Signs

HTP & Co Ltd

Every Puff A Pleasure

Step Right Up Gents

She Sells Selz Shoes By The Chicago Seaside

Chop House Open Day & Night


Faded lion


Cockburn tank

Canal Office

Strange ghost sign

Barbaras Drive-In Rusty Burger (revisited)

IMG 6525-001-Hands Dairy Ghostsign

IMG 6504-001-House of Tupra Ghostsign

Thrift is Blessing

Robey & Co Ltd

IMG 6922-001-Dominion Motor Spirit

IMG 6923-001-Albert Garage Ghostsign

District Bank

IMG 6845-001-Thanet Times

IMG 7193-001-Ch N Katz

IMG 6095-001-Refreshments Ghostsign