Group: Old, Rusty, & Corroded!

Pictures for Pam, Day 176: SSC: Rust (+11 insets!)

Paddle wheel steamer remains.

Mill demolition

Disused coal loading facility

Rust and Rail

I doubt if the foundary is still open.

More rusty fishing gear

My fave

I wonder if they still work?

The Car Wash Damaged My Truck

"Abgewrackt! (Frachter Cabo Santa Maria)


North Carr Lightship

HFF- und "Veels geluk"

Barnacles don't seem to mind rust

Under water a long time


Zwei Flieger

Blumengold in Goldbaggerschaufel



Crash And Burn (revisited)

Line Of Fire (revisited)

1954 Oldsmobile 88

1954 Oldsmobile 88