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Lack-Spiegel N° 15

Vilagarcia de Arousa, Galizien, Spanien

Cambados, Galizien, Spanien

Le reflet du temps qui passe.... [ON EXPLORE]


Because it was Extremely Hot last week, I went bef…


Residential reflections

Quiet Waters

Reflected sky


Goodbye Iceland

Lohstadt Deutschland

Grebes within the fence HHF from the River Thames…

River Avon, Fordingbridge

Weeping willows washed by a stream

Dipping in the water


Mirrored Image.

CD – Coloured Disc (2 PIPs)

Whangamomona Hotel.

First Moon Landing / 20th July 1969

Day 4, Common Gallinule, Leonabelle Turnbull Birdi…

Défilé 14 Juillet

Ministry of Propaganda and National Enlightenment