Group: " A characteristic facial appearance "

Tribute to Covid-19 Pandemic Victims and Fraternit…

Domenico - a good guitar man in Ostuni...

some days is not easy to keep in balance (art of p…

art of paper-mache' in Lecce

masks in the wind

the blue eye

blue paper lady

The beauty of a happy child

Ethiopian boy at work

hindu sadhu

indian barbershop

Der Duft der in die Nase steigt ~ ~ ~

playing the side-blown flute

Red Cover

still closed..but...

... smile ...

reflected elegance

danza aerea

Poetry at window

die Rote aNNa

Rajasthani tribal woman

Burmese Puppet

Genießen im Pedrocchi* (PiP)

singing at the Fringe Festival Edinburgh

Dance of the Heads at Carnival at home