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Nambia 2019

Berufe, die die Welt nicht braucht....

Durga idol admired

Hiking trail marking

Holzschnitzerei am Baumstamm :)) Wood carving on…

Baya Sabda Idep Festival

myself 23, somewhere in Georgia

wunderschöne Eule !

A troglodyte town in the Caucasus

Canis Lupus (4)

Las Lloronas

Ha ha ha...! la Sorcière du printemps, qui vous ra…

A river at sunset

Countryside seen from Uplistsikhe

Lenore "The queen of Glendale"

Kunst auf einem Wanderweg - Art on a hiking trail

Under a banana tree

smokestack view

shine your light

The weariness of a low-cost travel

Inside the church darkness

l' envol du chevreuil .....