Group: Der ROTE Punkt - the RED point

Le sac - rouge et noir II


Füsun & wall. HWW!

Tempio Pausania and his colorful summer street

Un buon caffè sotto l'ombrellone

Cape Spear Lighthouse 01

Love is not dead

Korfu, last day

Sankt Magdalena (5)

Lourinhã, Portugal

Parkplatznot . . .

Borne-fontaine sur caribou / Caribou newfie hydran…

1 16

Neues Unterfeuer Blankenese

Kopflos im Wartehäuschen

I see YOU

Borne-fontaine / Newfie hydrant

Dessert including Port wine.

Happy Spider Tuesday!


Emsworth Harbour at Low Tide

Waiting people

Tour insolite / Dropout tower

Ei - Ei - Ei

Circles in square format

Arnold's Classic Diner

Idylle au bord du lac