Group: 3 / Tri / Drei / Three / Drie / Trois / Tres / Tre / Sán

Light and shadow

L1300837 Chios-Smyrni route

3 guitares

Checkpoint Charlie.

Post Boxes, Frederick Street Post Office, Edinburg…

Silence, on tourne (1)

La domenica Mattina..a passeggio

Trio sur trottoir / Sidewalk trio

IMG 1411

le vent ,,, pour mémoire,,,

Drillinge - HFF

oldies and always goldies

Lever de pylônes électriques / Electric pylons ris…

The contrarian

after the rain

Le grand séchage en trio

restaurant or tailoring ?

shooting at the Gulf of Oman

Forex quintet at the ferry building

Outdoor paintings display.

Outdoor paintings display.

Ginkgo Trio

Three Strawberries

Vigne Sauvage - Wilder Wein