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IMA NEWSFLASH Apr. 13, 2018 / 13. Apr. 2018 - April 13, 2018 new

[EN] Dear members and friends of ipernity! 1) In the meantime, the beta version of the new homepage has also been optimized for mobile devices. Desktop version malfunctions have been fixed, language presets linked to the main software. The homepage now runs stable in all browsers. By clicking on the copyright symbol in the image you can directly access the account of the respective photographer. 2) The Easter collection of the homepage pictures was replaced by spring pictures from the communi…

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Spring has arrived in Bideford..... - April 18, 2018 new

Well at long last the weather has warmed up somewhat. Shall we just say - it's warmed up enough not to need the halogen fire on and the radiator is only on for a couple of hours in the evening!!! No hot water bottle needed neither. So it will be great not to need extra clothes nor putting a blanket over my legs to keep them warm!!! We've had a lot of dank days lately - not cold, not really wet neither, just damp and dark!! Colin, my brother's friend, who leaves tomorrow, has been so busy out i…

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Dolores Keane - Slieve Gallion Braes (Live) - April 19, 2018 new

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Maŝa Kaléko: La sonĝo de Ĝuang Dsi (rimpoemtraduko) + (citaĵotraduko laŭ Descartes) - April 18, 2018 new

Maŝa Kaléko La sonĝo de Ĝuang Dsi Li sonĝis, ke li estas papili' flirtanta blu-etere kun pasi', ebria pro l' odor' de sunmatenaero, jen ĝoj', plezur' en papilia sfero! Eĉ ne imagis dum sekundo li, ke estus hom' li en vizi'. Kaj kiam li vekiĝis lite, nun kiel hom', li pensis tamen spite: Mi scius tre volonte tion ĉi: Ĉu mi nur sonĝis esti papili'? Kaj poste ekridetis li pri si: Ja kiel scii, ĉu mi estas Ĝuang Dsi ĉu Ĝuang Dsi en sonĝ' de papili'...? tradukis Hans-Georg Kaiser Mascha K…

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Fake old photography, old fake photography - April 17, 2018 new

A few days ago, with nothing much on my mind, I was browsing through You Tube when I chanced on this man. Borut Peterlin is a Slovenian artist and character (to say the least). He makes, amongst other things, exquisitely beautiful wet collodion photographs. This is, in photography terms, almost ancient having been invented in the 1850s and being, for a while, the dominant way of making pictures. His images are gorgeous and made with an enviable passion and committment. He's such an infectious…

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Botanique sur Ipernity - April 17, 2018 new

Ipernity compte beaucoup de groupes sur les fleurs et plantes , très généralistes , et assez fourre-tout... qui n'aime pas les fleurs ? C'est un tel plaisir de leur tirer le portrait !! Nous les photographions pour leur beauté et pour le partage ; et souvent aussi pour un exercice de photographe , et aussi dans mon cas pour faire de la botanique ... Mais même s'il est très agréable de contempler cette magnifique diversité , un botaniste n'y retrouverait pas ses petits ^_^ Pourquoi ne pas se don…

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❤️ Conway Twitty - The Rose ❤️ - April 17, 2018 new

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A few chuckles for the weekend ;-) - April 14, 2018 new

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réflexion, - April 10, 2018

" Nous sommes aujourd'hui harcelés par un incessant fracas de nouvelles, de modes, d'évènements (...). Nous ne nous entendons plus. Imaginez qu'un ange, qu'un Esprit d'arbre ou de rivière (à supposer qu'ils existent), veuillent nous dire quelque chose. Comment pourraient-ils y parvenir ? Toutes les lignes de notre entendement sonnent sans cesse occupé. Sans cesse nous sommes tirés hors de nous par mille bruits, lumières, images plus ou moins terribles dont nous ne pouvons rien faire. Alors, que…

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Some "advertising" would be nice =) - April 12, 2018

We just got the meta description fixed, which should help "advertising" our wonderful web site elsewhere. We mentioned this on our Facebook page. The post has now received promising ~450 views but only very few likes and shares: www.facebook.com/ipernity/posts/10155275339706771 What we really need is people sharing the awesomeness of this web site with their friends elsewhere. It does not work if only the "official ima team" tries to share few posts here and there, when our social media pages…

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