Starting and finishing point in Min Buri

Min Buri an amazing quarter of Bangkok

Among Wolfgang's albums

Khlong Sam Wa in Min Buri

Khlong Sam Wa in Min Buri

Khlong Sam Wa underneath the highway bridge

San Don Sai a Banyan Tree

Four young inhabitants of Minburi

Khlong Saen Saeb in Min Buri

The statue in front of the City Hall

Model of ancient Min Buri

Historic Buddha Image in the museum of Min Buri

Khlong Sam Wah

The market in Min Buri

Khlong Song Ton Nun

Khlong Onnut also called Khlong Prawet

Wat Lanbun also called Wat Pla in Lat Krabang

Pier at the market in Lat Krabang

Wat Lanbun in Lat Krabang

Statues from four high dignitaries

A temple under contruction

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