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  • I will not pass the opportunity to watch several seasons of some bullshit tv series if there’s one character I like or can relate to

  • Living / Breathing

    Each time I come here, a little bit of something has changed. A wall has been painted, some new plant or twenty plants brought in, an old pump organ appeared in the hall, laundry done and left drying, furniture and sofa chairs in the hall moved into vari…

  • Inner conflict

    a tired old thing / a hot priest in the sketchbook -split

  • What's on an island?

    a lot of things

  • Upper corridor

  • Upper corridor & lounge

  • I have been welding this weird ass table using some scrap material I've found lying around

  • More rocks

    Lately I have been looking at some writings and videos by Charles Dowding, who has a massive organic no dig garden in England. Since my garden has on its own pretty much reached the basics of the no-dig, I thought I'd try his recycled cardboard thing as…

  • Some rocks I have collected

  • Driving music

    around 3AM - 4AM

  • Some nighttime punks

    at Tampere Punk Fest in Hiedanranta, June 2018

  • Accidente

    There was a small window of opportunity when I had my camera with me so I took pictures of two bands, and here they are

  • Accidente

  • Yhhyh hyi

    Club Mate still bad, also the focus is on Wasky's beer: why? Also this looks like some Stargåte device with beer cans. enjoy

  • Moskwa

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