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  • Sketchbook page, March

  • Ipernity crowdfunding campaign

    Please consider donating to the crowdfunding campaign that aims to save Ipernity. This quality site is currently under threat of closing down, and your investment can really make a difference. A successful crowdfunding campaign will help not only to save…

  • Lester Capon teaching


  • Limp vellum binding

    and the making of it in vague pictures. See the detailed blog post here: 1593/making-a-limp-vellum-binding-or-a-m odern-soft

  • Cutting the cover material

  • Sewing the book block

  • In the press

  • Marking for tapes

  • Lester making the cover

  • Corner detail

  • Don't die

    My new favourite character. January 2017

  • Attaching the mock "hollow"

    Here's a lazy way to do it while the book is in the press with both of the cover boards already on. The cardstock hollow (it's not even hollow, it's just a rounded piece of 0.6-1mm cardstock) is kept in place with masking tape until it dries. See my book…

  • Small

    Time to make some little books again.

  • Handsewn headband

    Single core French headband sewn with dyed linen-cotton bookbinder's thread. This book is a cloth bound guestbook (or perhaps a sketchbook) with recycled paper. See my bookbinding blog here:

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