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  • Things found from the side pocket of my small knockoff army backpack which had been in the storage since 2004: Black knickers I don't recognise as mine a Twinings tea bag wrapping a flyer of some local girl gang a crumpled Lauttakylän Auto bus ticket and…

  • My eraser collection

  • Songs, books

    I got some really nice full decos home...

  • Aloes

    after some scary moments (& amputation) they're still alive

  • I treated myself for no reason at all and ordered this ♦♦ Look at all its Faber gloriousness ♦♦

  • Rust

    scrappy life forever. I've been hoping to do something with these large panels, but they were stuck in the ice all winter. Now they're free

  • Bless this moss

  • Eksoottinen kanamon

    prairie chicken, April 2018

  • Pot

    onomatopoeia, April 2018

  • It spreads

    a bit upsetting

  • My new aloe

    more and more and more aloe plants

  • Low effort peonies

    In March I also had a flu & fever and painted these flowers. Delicious oils on acrylics on birch panel

  • Coffeeshop sketch

    there's like two views from this place and this is the other one. March 2018

  • Sunday drawing

    March 2018

  • Hiacen kevät aprilli yllätys

    E-li-na ja Juk-ka läh-ti-vät ha-ke-maan Te-di-ä trai-le-ril-la. Aleksi veivasi Tedin traileriin Amurissa. Se oli vaivatonta. Sitten he kaikki kävivät yhdessä Amurin Helmessä kahvilla. Au-rin-ko pais-toi kau-niis-ti. Hiacen jarrut lakkasivat toimimasta Pis…

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