Robbie at Trieste

Robbie lying on the floor of the Roman basilica at Triest, and patiently waiting for the others to return...

Trieste, Roman theatre (by night)

Sony DSC-R1, 2/5 s, f4.

Trieste, Old and New

Or rather: old and older... The romanesque church of S. Silvestro is on the right.

Trieste, Duomo

While Robbie and I were waiting outside the cathedral, we had the opportunity to watch this scene: the camera man, director and sound technician is filming a young lady who tries very hard to explain the church’s wonders to a future audience. The scene had to be repeated many times. The girl was supposed to be walking from the door on the right in the direction of the camera; the bag was put there deliberately to prevent her from coming too close.

Pieve di Cadore #10

View from our hotel room on the morning of our departure.

Trieste, Duomo

Interior shot.

Trieste, Duomo

Interior shot (1/8 s, f5).

Trieste, Duomo

The tower may seem to come down any moment, but this isn’t Pisa... The picture was taken from below with a wide-angle lens ... let’s say it’s an hommage to German expressionist movies from the 20ies...


Palmanova is a typical Renaissance town: it was built in the 16th C. after a geometric pattern, with roads leading from all sides to a big square in the center. Its map much resembles a spider web. If Palmanova is a spider web, the church you see in the background must be the spider... Yes, we drank our coffee here.
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