Me in Augsburg waiting for a cappucino

A grey-haired punk. Yes, it’s as bad as that. BTW, I’m not looking at anything: I’m looking away from the camera...


Neo in the Netherlands

I’m sitting on an AlphaSmart accessory (courtesy of my mother) hitherto neglected in our Group: it provides supreme mobility in old age, an area to sit and write on, and a basket which seems to be tailored for AlphaSmart devices or, as here, just the neoprene sleeve.

Cora (about four years old)

I think I shot this picture somewhere in Italy. It must have been after dinner in the late evening: while my wife and I were enjoying our espresso and Amaretto di Saronno (inferred), Cora was eating her icecream (proven by another picture) and clearly still being absorbed by it. Scan of a medium format negative film. Substandard quality –thank God for the digital darkroom.


Most of the time we’re traveling something goes wrong: the dog gets into a fight and needs hospitalization, a very old mother stumbles and breaks a leg, our daughter Cora loses her contact lenses... This time we were lucky: the dog didn’t fight, a very old mother did stumble but after she’d been taken to a hospital nothing serious was found (she still can’t walk, though), and Cora did break a contact lense (only one!) but hadn’t forgotten to take her glasses with her. Everything could be worse.


Cora Light

I shot this picture only seconds after the darker one. Originally, it lacked a certain atmospheric quality, so I’ve cropped it and have tried to improve its general appearance a little by processing it. It’s still unsharp (well, let’s say “soft”), but it has more of Cora, and I like it better now.



This is Cora, about two years ago. Long before I went digital (and she went braces). She does the smiling for me... ;-) (shot with a Nikon F50, available light, EXIF not available)

Cora and Robbie

Robbie is sleeping safely in Cora’s arms. A picture taken especially for Robbie’s adorable little feet.

Cora, again

Cora isn’t posing, she’s intently watching Lasse Hallström’s “Chocolat” (Johnny Depp is irresistible). (And I watch her until she’s finished –she’s using my computer...)

Free at last

Cora’s braces were removed today, and I was allowed to take some pictures of her.
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