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  • Le Château de Tarascon

  • And the times they are a-changing...

  • Tarascon

  • Chamonix - Paroisse Saint-Bernard du Mont Blanc

  • Simplicity

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Round in Square

  • A Fence for Friday

    HFF everybody ! Wish you a very nice Friday and a great weekend ! Thanks for your support and all the good wishes for my birthday ! Enjoy the summer sun and have a good time in good mood !

  • Thunder on the Mountain

  • Some more Impressions from the French Alpes

    Für mich war's tatsächlich das erste Mal, dass ich in den Bergen war. Auf dem Weg gen Süden haben wir drei Tage dort Station gemacht. Hat mich tief beeindruckt ! Mächtige, majestätische Natur ! Ehrfurcht gebietend ! Was man auf seine alten Tage so alles e…

  • Haute Savoie

    Better Fullscreen

  • Le Mont Blanc

  • Summertime and the livin' is easy...

    Saturday Self-Challenge: Summer

  • A Fence for Friday and some Greetings from France

    HFF everybody ! Send you some greetings from France ! Wish you a great weekend !

  • Me April 2018

    Taken by Beate

  • A Fence for Friday

    HFF everybody ! Thanks for your support, your views, your nice comments, your faves ! I wish you a good Friday and a great weekend with a lot of good mood. Enjoy the sun ! Summer it's on his way !

  • Memories of Marrakesh: We're only in it for the Money

    Musicians on the Djemaa el Fna - für Erhard: Kannst du den Tirel musikalisch verorten ? Bin gespannt !

  • Pneu-Station

  • Frankfurt - Junior House

    The Junior House was built in 1951 and it's a pioneer of the high-rising architecture in Frankfurt. The height is only 35m but in the fifties this was well above the building development regulations. Because it's one of the most significant cultural landm…

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