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Donate 'button' in the header

Donate 'button' in the header
Just an idea. Is it too pushy to have it on every page?
But it is not shouting out for attention, deliberately not the yellow PayPal donate button.
And the person wanting to donate, does not have to hunt the logical places, like the subscription page, or the FAQ pages, or about ipernity.
Because the header is a standard piece of code used by many pages, it means the editing is not too involved.
NB: My personal suggestion, Rob

S Drury, aNNa schramm have particularly liked this photo

Bergfex club
There was also the idea to put this in the footer:
New ipernity Homepage - Final Release

But I also like it in the header. From there you would of course have to link somewhere where the detailed text and the Paypal button are.

Would the change efforts be very much?
21 months ago. Edited 21 months ago.
 Rob Stamp
Rob Stamp club
I too first thought of the footer, but decided it could be easily overlooked, out of sight. The code that is on the login page, that determines the language presented by PayPal to the visitor, could be copied. The same effort, whether in the header, or on a particular page.
21 months ago.
Bergfex club
As far as I know, Paul will give you the access to the pr-production servere of quellcode.
You can try it there directly.
You have my GO.
21 months ago.
 S Drury
S Drury club
Yes i agree placing the donate button on the header as per image would indeed make a good step forward for those of us who do not log out / in to ipernity every visit

21 months ago. club
In some languages there is not space for an extra button.

A solution is to gain space by only saying "Upload".

The subsequent upload page states what types of file can be uploaded. Also, no need for the "+" which I think was meant to conveys that more than photos could be uploaded.

A more prominent, standard yellow donate button will appear on an update to the Front page.

Rob (ima)
21 months ago.

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