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I made this for a TV channel Sub for their 2005 channel identity. I probably did it in the springtime because it always reminds me of one, so I later named it accordingly.

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Kenya by Balloon

This was one of the first melodies that I ever came up with. It may, however, be a copy from a TV-documentary I saw as a schoolboy in the early 70's. In the (BBC?) documentary they flew in a hot air balloon over African savanna, and for some reason I…

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I pieced this together as a homage to my school years, when - in addition to being an avid Deep Purple fan - I played drums in various school bands. So, yes, this was a funny thing to do, even though it is quite bachian at times. But then again, Bach…

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Kestrel and a Scarecrow

This story-telling piece is one of the most laborious things I have ever done. It is very joyful at first, gets gradually darker, and finds peace again in the end. It is 15 years old, and even though I should revoice and remix it, I am quite proud of…

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Rex Tremendae re-unplugged

From Mozart's Requiem. Doing this with plucked instruments was a joke at first, but then I realized that even though being untraditional for this piece, it kind of finds a logic in itself - and while doing so turns the clock back a few hundred years.…

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For Guitar and Strings

This is an improvisation on a synth: I accidentally split the keyboard in guitar and string parts, liked the sound and just played something on it; it is a total improvisation done in the spur of the moment, I only cleaned the string phrasing a bit a…

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