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  • "time is up"

    Saturday Self Challenge "Let's take a shot of anything while looking upwards." PiP: Situation Part of an installation by the artist Klaus Rinke": rwerke/zeitfeld102.html

  • HFF - Sunrise Fence

    HFF to all Ipernity friends!

  • wine story told (see PiPs)

  • yellow wine

  • red wine

    Nun hat der Herbst begonnen. In den PiP sind noch einmal die früheren Fotos von genau dieser Stelle zu sehen.

  • Macro Paper

    Macro Mondays: "Paper and Cardboard" View large on black please. PiP 1: Alternative Entry PiP 2: Situation

  • Across the River

  • Wahltag in Bayern. Bavarian state elections today

    Das Regensburger Rathaus wird aus Anlass der Wahlen geschmückt mit Deutschland-, Bayern- und Regensburg- (nicht im Bild) Flagge.

  • Leaf Droplets

    Saturday Self Challenge: Water Droplets PiP: Alternative Entry

  • last summer guests

    HFF to all of you!

  • Himalaya Heartbeat

    Last day of the 2018 season Nepal-Himalaya-Park (Bavaria) closes down for winter.

  • Cobblestone Heart

    Macro Monday Challenge: "Joints should be our topic next week. Tile joints in the parquet or also the joint in the brick wall. The joint is a gap between two components or materials." Explanation: This metal foil heart (roughly 1/2 inch or 1 cm diameter)…

  • Bicycle Cadaver

    somebody recovered this from the river

  • Riverbank

  • Regensburg Anti-Racism Rally

  • Neighborhood View (SSC)

    Saturday Self Challenge "use diagonal lines to form your composition" PiP: The full view from our living room window - city hall tower of Regensburg

  • HFF - Adoration

  • This is NOT wet

    Macro of our shower cubicle wall (with fake drops of water on it). Die Wand unserer Duschkabine mit falschen Wassertropfen.

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