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  • wo geht's lang ? got to be able to know !

    got to be able to know when it's time to stop, when to go time to push, time to pull head like a bull ... when it's time to live, time to die make your own moves Sight & Sound : Jean-Paul Bourelly and the Blue Wave Bandits - Got to be able to know RIMG…

  • That train left the station a long time ago...

    The railway station at Cichocinek, Poland. Built in 1902. Now forgotten. History of Ciechocinek: ----- Kiev 88 + Volna 2.8/80 + Provia 100F + C-41

  • Dans le parc de Marly

  • Péniche sur la Seine

  • Tréguier (22) 14 mai 2017. Cloître de la cathédrale Sain Tugdual.

  • Marsanne (26) 24 avril 2013.

  • Marsanne (26) 24 avril 2013. La campagne de la Drôme provençale et les Préalpes.

  • IMG 9337

  • NORIO pour la Japan Touch Haru 2017 88850EDE#h88850ede

  • The (Dustbin) Lackey

    found this fella on the lid of the bin today, it's actually the larvae of The Lackey - Malacosoma neustria The adults of this species are relatively dull in coloration, but the caterpillars are much more colourful, with orange, white and blue stripes on…

  • SND 4162-Edit

  • fragile

    ----- WZFO Start + Ilford HP5+ + Kodak HC-110(Dil.E) Euktar lens (triplet anastigmat)

  • Petit matin au village

  • Sainte-Suzanne (53) 13 mai 2017.

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