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  • Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht?

  • new polaroid cameras - impossibly kind

    ** an incredibly kind gift from micritter!! ** arrived today - have already taken photos with both cameras. (this one taken with my first SX-70)

  • interlude douceur...

    ...femme paysage...

  • Réflexion...

    “Penser pouvoir vivre sans illusions, c'est comme se tenir devant un miroir sans reflet, c'est impossible.” De Michaël Veuillet

  • Gyps fulvus

    Griffon vulture/ Gänsegeier in der Wilhelma

  • Repeating Poetry Of Stairs

  • Demoiselle...

    Les zygoptères (Zygoptera) forment un sous-ordre d'insectes appelés en français demoiselles (dont les agrions, les caloptéryx, les ischnures, etc.). On les distingue des libellules au sens strict, surtout par leur corps plus grêle et leurs ailes généralem…

  • Castro Marim

    By Xata

  • Castro Marim

    By Xata

  • Castro Marim

    By Xata

  • melbourne-8181-ps-w

  • Sienne / Siena (I) 16 mai 2011.

  • Many thanks to Christoph and the IMA ! And many thanks also to all the people for their donations which made it possible that IP is still alive !


  • The Mill of Blood

    Documenta 2017: Antonio Vega Macotela ( Mexiko ): The Mill of Blood - A replica of a coin minting machine used by Spanish settlers in the gold and silver mines of Potosi ( Bolivia ). The wheels were pushed by animals or slaves. The installation will show…

  • Lakes - SPC 6/2017 - 6° place - the blak lake - (653)

  • Ravages of Time

    Ruin of the ancient Rovereto Water Power Plant, situated near the historical Via del Ponale within the Val di Ledro (Trentino, Italy). This picture was captured in the morning sun while hiking from the parking area in Biacesa to the entrance of the fixed…

  • Sand extraction.

    At Paços (Penafiel municipality), on the right bank of Douro River.

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