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  • Tower hotel 10/50

  • Tower hotel 11/50

  • Tower hotel 13/50

  • Teakettle Junction

    Teakettle Junction is in Death Valley at the junction of the Racetrack Playa Road and the Hunter Valley Road and at an elevation of over 4000 feet. Visitors often leave teakettles with messages inscribed on them, but visiting the place requires some effo…

  • Swim Lesson

    Zwemmen leren in deze snelstromende rivier

  • Dirty Work

    Molly doing some "dirty work." ;-) Steely Dan from their album "Can't Buy a Thrill" (1972) This has always been one of my fav Steely Dan songs. Although it's written by Donald Fagen and Walter Becker the lead singer this time is David Palmer. Dirty Wo…

  • Tizgzaoine

    another square variant
    By Berny

  • What a difference a day makes!

    22C today! The little Chapel in Gillingham (Dorset) Cemetery.

  • Moving Out

  • Coeur de pavot d'Irlande / Poppy's heart

  • Flugverkehrskreuz

    Am Klärbecken vom "LaPaDu"

  • Wiesenschaumkraut Gestern habe ich bei herrlichem Wetter und Temperaturen zwischen 24 und 27°C eine Rennradrunde von ca. 60 km Länge unternommen. Es war traumhaft schön, auf kleinen Nebenstraßen durch die Obstgärten in Oberschwabe…

  • Knowlton Church, Dorset

    A ruinous Norman church built in the 12th century and situated at the centre of a Neolithic ritual henge earthwork. /knowlton-church-and-earthworks/history

  • The time of evening prayers

    From Jumeirah Beach, Dubai

  • ambiance vacances,

    tous les ingrédients sont réunis température de l'air 26 degrés ciel bleu mer belle et encore agitée, ,, la température de la mer,, on repassera

  • Nature Art..[°!0]

    Dans les flammes du printemps.. le sang bouillonne, l'amour renaît... même dans les tulipes....

  • the sun will shine for you tomorrow

    funny to find this 30 years old slide........ edit 2018: and now it's 39 years old.......... Minolta X700, Fujichrome 100
    By Berny

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