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  • Monastery ruins

    Monastery Katholiko is a Byzantine rock-carved building of the 11th century, with a Venetian façade, perhaps the most ancient monastery on Crete. After numerous pirates' raids the monks abandoned it in the 16th century and stays uninhabited since then.
    By Berny

  • Lighthouse of Chania

    The original Venetian lighthouse was built around the late 16th century to protect the harbour. A chain could be connected from the base of the lighthouse to the fortress of Firkas in oder to close the harbour. During the Turkish occupation the lighthouse…
    By Berny

  • longing for leaves

    in the mountains of Western Crete
    By Berny

  • CWP (2017/10 CWP) "Dark Mood" : the last ray of light meets the night

    LA LUCE incontra IL BUIO

  • Prato delle Valle

    Prato della Valle ( Prà deła Vałe in venezianischen ) ist ein 90.000 Quadratmeter elliptischen Platz in Padua , Italien. Es ist der größte Platz in Italien, und einer der größten in Europa. Heute ist der Platz ein großer Raum mit einer grünen Insel im Zen…

  • 59-89

    Thatta, la Mosquée Shah Jahan, une entrée de la Mosquée faîte de briques


    * magic mushrooms can be fun make you feel like you've been out all day in the sun a little bit hot and red in the face yet raring to go at a faster pace you will end up feeling dizzy it has to be said I think it might be best . . . if you go str…

  • Pferdl und Pfluftl

    Für Tanja:) Euch allen einen schönen HFF!

  • Herbstanfang

    Herbstanfang Bunt sind schon die Wälder, Gelb die Stoppelfelder, Und der Herbst beginnt. Rote Blätter fallen, Graue Nebel wallen, Kühler weht der Wind. Johann Gaudenz Hannes Wader

  • Black Sands Basin

    This is one of the hot springs or pools and its run-off in the Black Sands Basin of Yellowstone National Park. I believe this is Opalescent Pool. We were there both on the way to the Black Hills and on the way back from the Black Hills this summer, the…

  • Dark water, River Etive, Glen Etive, Argyll, Scotland

    Best enlarged This part of the river seems to be very deep and slow moving, compared to upstream, with vertical rocky banks. The white material on the surface of the water shows the flow of the river quite nicely. This material may be as a result of heav…

  • Die Wolke - HFF!

    My Heart's Tonight in Ireland In The Sweet County Clare youtu.be/P9zUuwh-Hdg

  • The shelter.

    HFF and weekend ALL:)

  • I miss already the bright summerdays.

    Happy weekend :)

  • Derrière les barreaux...

    "De temps en temps ce regard me fait penser à celui d'un étrange oiseau derrière les barreaux serrés de sa cage si ce captif vivace, inquiet, résolu, était seulement libre, il prendrait son vol jusqu'aux nuages ." Charlotte Brontë.

  • Tiens bon la rampe...

  • Abstract...

    “L'abstraction, c'est la capacité à accepter de ne pas comprendre tout de suite pour comprendre après.” De David Constant

  • Camargue...

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