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  • A Window On The Sixties

    Photographed inside the house of what belonged to a slate-miner after the mine closed in the nineteen-sixties, and now open to the public.

  • Route vers le soleil

  • Lead


  • bodyscape

  • emergence

  • Niagara Falls (Infrared, False Color)

    Niagara, NY

  • Düsseldorf Medienhafen Gehry Haus

    Ein älteres Bild von unserem Besuch letztes Jahr im Düsseldorfer Medienhafen. Ich versuche in der letzten Zeit den Blick auf das wesentliche zu lenken. Ich hoffe euch gefällt die neue Bearbeitung.

  • Bibliotheca

    Travel and see new things. Or; look around and find new angles. The next uploads will be monochrome edits. Some will be new uploads and some will be reedited photographs. I hope that the comming monochrome 'period' will be received favorably. This is…

  • Femme...

    ..........gravure à la pointe sèche

  • Anna

    Bon été à tous. Have a nice summer. Buen verano a todos. Je vais au vert et j'y serai sans internet. Me voy en el campo sin internet I am going to the countryside without internet.

  • Anna : La lecture

  • Busard Saint Martin Northern Harrier

    Champs dégagés,prairies et marais

  • Grue du Canada Sandhill Crane

    Une de mes tops. One of my tops.

  • Scandola.

    By Ch'an

  • Dents de la mer.

    By Ch'an

  • Heidelberg in Fading Daylight (150°)

    Some lights have come to live already but the castle is still not illuminated. TSC - The Sunday Challenge May 29th, 2016. Half light PiP: earlier - half (sun)light, half shadow Best on black and full screen
    By LutzP

  • Homage to Piranesi's Carceri - Hommage an Piranesis Carceri

    Mainz Cathedral - Im Hohen Dom zu Mainz Deutsch: Giovanni Battista Piranesi English: Giovanni Battista Piranesi Der Hohe Dom St. Martin zu Mainz Mainz Cathedral A must on black!
    By LutzP

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