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  • A fight between the heaven and the sea ...:)

  • Involuntary loneliness....:)

    Now it's snowing in the Old Town

  • Le ciel bleu prisonnier des gouttes ... The blue sky prisoner of drops..

    .... .
    By Eve

  • Morning Barn

    ©Mitch Seaver - All Rights Reserved. See more at Mitch Seaver - Alaska Photographs

  • Spashdown

    A gull landing on the river, where someone is throwing food For TSC: an impressionistic image, square format

  • Still Standing, And Not

    On Black.

  • 339 - 366

    La première photo que j'ai postée sur Ipernity, en janvier 2014.

  • Immer einen kühlen Kopf bewahren !

    Den Pilzen ist das viel zu dumm sie stehen weiter still und stumm. 2.Advent 2016 einen gemütlichen Sonntag im Advent an alle Fotofreunde/innen wünscht Christine

  • Life goes on.

    Just a short note: my history here on Ipernity begins in may 2012 when I decided to join you for a period of less activity on Flickr (several reasons), even if on flickr I am active since 2007, and I had/have so many nice friends, so many memories, to le…

  • A serious matter.

    wish you all a most serene week ( if possible;)

  • Forever in blue jeans

    By Eefje

  • Dos mil kilómetros al sur. . . . Isla Graciosa ( Lanzarote ).

    La Caleta del Sebo, nucleo de población mas importante de la Isla Graciosa, situada al norte de Lanzarote, accesible en barco desde Orzola. Esta pequeña playa dentro del pueblo, es un arenal muy limpio, muy bien conservado. La Caleta del Sebo cuenta…

  • je suis sidérée, juste quand Damir vient de décider de me montrer (en couleurs et pas en N&B !!!!!) aux amis, Ipernity annonce la fermeture...

    Ipernity refugees www.23hq.com/photogroup/26550772/members a new community of Ipernity migrants !!!!! already 69 friends !!!!! have a nice day see you soon Damir Connaissez-vous le groupe CARNET d'adresses/Address Book ou comment ne pas perdre le f…
    By Damir

  • Tristesse....

  • When reality is manipulated...

    When reality is manipulated "Not everyone is as idyllic as it seems" ON EXPLORE 17/02/2016

  • Bajo la tormenta

    El hombre del paraguas rojo ON EXPLORE 04/03/2016

  • The silence of the lambs - El silencio de los corderos

    ON EXPLORE 25/04/2016

  • Costa quebrada

    ON EXPLORE 24/05/2016

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