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  • Hove beach huts

    A Hove beach hut will, at time of posting, set you back up to £25,000.

  • Sailing past Rampion

    The Rampion wind farm is a new arrival 8 miles (13km) offshore, supplying enough energy to power 347,000 homes from a total 116 turbines. There seem to be occasional boat trips.

  • Prince Albert pub

    A famous music venue in Brighton with a "dead rock stars" graffiti wall, as well as a replica of Banksy's "Kissing Coppers", the original of which was removed and sold (not least due to persistent vandalism)

  • West Pier

  • The Treatment Rooms

    The Treatment Rooms Collective is an art studio in Acton and is home to artist Carrie Reichardt. Trees and parked cars meant it was easier to get a picture round the back than the front.

  • Fight For Your Right

    Slogan in the ceramic tiles round the back

  • Ceramic House of Resistance

    The London taxi has been turned into an artwork called "Zulu VooDoo Liberation" by Carrie Reichardt.

  • Tractor Tracks

    Neat work by the farmer

  • The path we took

    The path down through the corn fields via Devilsrest Bottom to Norton and back to Bishopstone

  • New Barn

    Heading out on a South Downs walk with Dad - the views soon opened up. Another hot day in this endless summer and I think this comes across here.

  • Thistle

  • Green Wing

    On a sunny day, the paragliders made for excellent photographic compositions

  • Cuckmere Valley

    Looking north-east towards Litlington, with Alfriston beyond and out of sight to the left

  • Flying over the Cuckmere Valley

  • Fly past!

    The land drops away sharply here, so you'll occasionally get a glider zipping past at eye level

  • On the wing

  • Cuckmere Haven

    The Cuckmere River reaches the sea here. It is the only undeveloped river outlet on the Sussex coast.

  • Fly Sussex

    Fly Sussex is based near Glynde and offers lessons in paragliding from several sites in the South Sowns National Park

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