• Albert as the ice started 5-12-13

    What a difference a few days makes. We are back to rock solid icing. Albert was eating steadily. I feel for the animals and birds in weather like this. Right now it is 5F (-15C). Explored !

  • Dewdrops on spider silk on Chollo Cactus ~~ Xtremey Prickley and Xplored

    We had two nights of thick fog which gave us precious moisture. I would have loved to have had sunlight on these dewdrops.. but I will settle for "crystal necklaces " ! And YES ! The one in the centre IS like a one eyed comic dragon ! Explored ! Xtrem…

  • Lucas 9-12-13

    Lucas actually looked at the camera ! Rare happening ! Explored !!!! Oh My !

  • For Auld Lang Syne ~ Wishing you and yours a Peaceful New Year

    Graphics mine own Words:Robbie Burns Explored

  • House Finch (f)

    Just because.... EXPLORED !!

  • Crocus Bubble ~ Xplored for the Alphabet site !

    Sea of Tranquility ! EXPLORED !

  • Possum

    Possum-cold enough and hungry enough to come out in daylight and feed 10-2-14 EXPLORED !

  • Albert 13-3-14

    My dear friend Albert

  • Vernal Equinox 2011

    Vernal Equinox .... Second of a set of 4 celebrating the Solstices and the Equinoxes Graphics... mine own work EXPLORED !

  • Peach blossom

    This is an old tree... much of it is dead.. but there IS still life. Last year it set 8 Peaches.. the Racoons got them... but that is ok.. the blossom is enough for me. EXPLORED !

  • Pear blossom and Honey Bee

    First Bee pic of the year ! EXPLORED !

  • Violets

    The ground is covered with these tiny 1/4 inch gems at the moment. EXPLORED

  • Bee on Pear blossom

    This little one was sleepy in the cool early morning air and sunbathing. The 2 little "sparkles" on the bottom petal is a tiny puddle of rain water. We had a rare shower last night. EXPLORED !

  • Redbud Tree

    Redbuds are the Oklahoma State Tree. They grow wild in the woodlands and this time of year(generally every other year) the woods get a pinky red haze of the flowering trees scattered in them. Its a brittle wood.. the trees dont have pretty shapes or li…

  • Purple Wild Geraniums

    The flowers are less than a 1/4" ...beautiful wildflowers EXPLORED !

  • Maiden Flight Day !

    Oh for an English trout stream nearby.... I wish !! EXPLORED !

  • Blue Iris Collage

    To think.. I never used to like Iris's much !!! EXPLORED !

  • Iris Flower Collage

    Sadly with the high winds we've had these beauties often just lasted just a day. To think I used not to like Irises much ! EXPLORED !

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