• North Central Electric Coop - Lake Metigoshe, ND

    This was one of my favorite memory poles growing up. Because of the late time at which we often arrived at the cabin, the 'yard light' on this pole was always a welcome sight as it meant we were just a couple miles from the cabin. The coop buried the syst…

  • West Central Electric - Oacoma, SD

    An older 2400V/24.9kV boost setup to run some rural loads off the Oacoma 2400V system. Since bypassed with a pad-mount transformer.

  • Lake Country Power - Moose Lake (rural), MN

    I'm glad I had my camera along when I was working in northern MN - these two regulators were hard-wired into the line with NO bypass switches! A recent look in Google street view showed that LCP had since removed these from the pole. In spite of the comp…

  • McLean Electric - McLean County, ND

    A weird way to start off a secondary line for some street lights.

  • McLean Electric Coop - McLean County, ND

    This was an abandoned section of line I always wondered what was there before... but in the years since, the property owner leveled the whole area for more field acreage and McLean Electric cleaned out the line.

  • West Central Electric - Oacoma, SD

    Another 2400V distribution pole overbuilt for future 24.9kV operation.

  • West Central Electric - Oacoma, SD

    Kinda weird seeing transmission posts on a 2400V line.

  • West River Electric - Wall, SD

    A seemingly random pile of eight transformers in use a few blocks away from Wall Drug. Today: www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/22846179

  • North Central Electric - Renville County, ND

    This structure is a substation of sorts - the line coming in from the left is 24.9kV then it gets dropped down to 12.5kV to serve the portion of the system heading towards Mohall. The sub serving the 24.9kV side is the only one I've ever seen where the tr…

  • Sioux Valley Energy - southeast SD

    a "last photo of the day" on one of my earlier linechasing trips in 2005 and prolly the ONLY line pic I took "for art's sake". I like the contrast between the pole and the sunset... Can't recall where I took this picture...

  • Capital Electric - Wilton (rural), ND

    Just a pair of coop poles I always looked for as it marked the Burleigh / McLean county line as I traveled back and forth between Minot and Bismarck when growing up. For some reason Capital just changed the branch line on the front pole so it uses a buck…

  • Verendrye Electric - Ward County, ND

    A weird off-center KPF switch on this coop system - one of several I know of. Also these switches used post assemblies instead of the normal 10" disks.

  • Verendrye Electric - Ward County, ND

    Three voltage regulators on consecutive poles. This practice is not as common as it used to be since as rural loads continue to grow beyond what can be compensated with voltage regulators and cap banks, the coop and its G&T will bring a new substation onl…

  • Verendrye Electric - Ward County, ND

    Some people had a party at an abandoned acreage (judging by the number of empty beer bottles and cartons) and decided to do some target practice. When informed, the coop went to check it out and thanked me (even sent me a gift card!). They said besides th…

  • North Central Electric - Bantry, ND (rural)

    It seems one small town served by this coop was a bit too far from the main system to be reliably served at 12.5kV 3-phase so the coop converted the last few miles to 24.9kV open wye. Note also the old neutral was dropped and the old middle phase became t…

  • Nodak Electric - Grand Forks County, ND

    This sure fooled me - thought it was a subtransmission line with underbuild. After a double-take, I realized it was actually a double-circuit 12.5kV line with recycled multipart insulators. Evidently Nodak had a 34.5kV subtransmission system before Minnko…

  • Lake Region Electric - Rothsay (rural), MN

    WAY overkill - that's a 69kV switch on a 12.5kV REA line!

  • Traverse Electric Coop - Roberts County, SD

    When I was mapping Otter Tail's 41.6kV system in northeastern SD, I chanced across this pole and a VERY unusual way to transition from 3-phase to open Y. I went back a few years after getting this shot to see if the pole was still there, but Traverse Ele…

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