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  • Xcel Energy - Sioux Falls, SD

    The last pic I ever took of this structure. Too bad I effectively denied myself the opportunity to see the structure come down.

  • Xcel Energy - Sioux Falls, SD

    The 4160V 'open Y' line that once ran down this alley has given way to a new 7970V circuit. As with the Morrell substation, I am certain Xcel will be pleased as punch to know I was unaware of this project until well after it was done.

  • Xcel Energy - Sioux Falls, SD

    And that's the end of neighborhood 4160V distribution in Sioux Falls. The last step-down (powering two separate 2400V circuits in an older part of town) is no more. I THOUGHT I had a picture of the step-down when it was still in operation, but nope.

  • Xcel Energy - Sioux Falls, SD

    All that remains of the Morrell substation.

  • Black Hills Power - Spearfish, SD

    Just some typical distribution downtown.

  • Midwest Electric plate

    Spotted this on an older fusebox and thought the nameplate with Midwest's "loon" logo was too nice not to photograph.

  • Homestake Mining Co. - Lawrence County, SD

    Hydro Plant #2 - as seen from a pullout area on the highway through the scenic Spearfish Canyon. Still in operation 100 years later - the generator was the original third unit that had been pulled out of Hydro #1 just downstream when they realized 2 gener…

  • Homestake Mining Co. - Lawrence County, SD

    The front of Hydro Plant #2 - I did not have the opportunity to seek out Hydro #1 which is supposed to be just downstream and dates to 1912. Both are still generating electricity a century later!

  • Homestake Mining Co. - Lawrence County, SD

    An abandoned 2400V-class pole next to the hydro plant.

  • Space Invaders / Qix arcade game

    I felt old when I saw this "Silver Anniversary" edition that incorporated two early video games in one cabinet, as I definitely remember trying my hand at the originals when they were still new!

  • West Central Electric - Phillip, SD

    A brief snapshot of a couple 2400V poles in town.

  • West Central Electric - Stanley County, SD

    An older 24.9kV pole on this coop system.

  • West Central Electric - Stanley County, SD

    The incoming line to the abandoned baseball field. Whoa! 7000+ views and ranked at #82 on Flickr Explore for 9-13-17!!!

  • West Central Electric - Stanley County, SD

    Abandoned lighting around an abandoned baseball field.

  • West Central Electric - Stanley County, SD

    Or "The difficulties of taking photographs in a moving car". There are many of the U-414 insulator like on top of the pole in this part of West Central Electric's 24.9kV system. Their similarity to an old-time kerosene lampshade led a friend (the late Mi…

  • Pierre muni plant

    The former municipal power plant building, now a 'discovery center' museum.

  • Old generator

    Seen in the Otto engines building at the Western Minnesota Steam Threshers Reunion grounds at Rollag, MN.

  • Northern States Power - Clay County, MN

    A step-down on the 23.9kV system south of Sabin - not sure exactly what towns are served off the 12.5kV side.

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