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  • Insulator collector's mailbox

    This stands in front of the former residence of an insulator collector I knew in the 1990s, but she wound up selling out by the late 1990s to focus on lightning rod balls instead. I only found out a couple days ago she passed away in January. Rest in pea…

  • Montana-Dakota Utilities - Donnybrook, ND

    Seems MDU had to replace a couple poles on the 22kV "distribution" line heading past Donnybrook towards Carpio. The line across the hills in the back is the start of a 7200V line heading to the ghost town of Aurelia.

  • Montana-Dakota Utilities - Powers Lake, ND

    A few poles in the 2400V portion of town. Who knows how long it will be before MDU decides to rebuild everything to 12.5kV, but I did see a couple poles that were being outfitted as a possible link between the part now running at 12.5kV (previously 7200V…

  • Northern States Power - Clay County, MN

    The Averill substation in context with the outgoing line - the breaker pole is the start of the line towards the Ada muni sub. Another breaker is on the next pole to the right, protecting the line running south towards the US 10 corridor.

  • Northern States Power - Montevideo, MN

    Another of the poles near the 4160V side of the main sub. I can't recall now, but the arm with the sky yuks may well be from the 12.5kV side.

  • Northern States Power - Turner County, SD

    A quick phone picture on a winter's afternoon showing the Dolton sub and the breaker on the 7200V circuit.

  • Northern States Power - Minot, ND

    A quick documentation shot of a peaked pole I had all but forgotten, but I do remember from when I was a kid. There are actually several poles along this line that still have the plain steel braces, but trees along this street make it difficult to get a c…

  • Northern States Power - Minot, ND

    After all these years I finally got a decent shot of this 'memory' pole. Having seen how perfect this one came out, I shoulda gone after retakes of the next two poles on this line while I was at it! Next pole: www.ipernity.com/doc/ndlinegeek/18520165…

  • Northern States Power - St. Paul, MN

    (clipped from Google street view) Did a random 'drop' and found this interesting pole. Looks like an idle series lighting regulator.

  • Transmission line testing

    From the back of NSP's 1966 shareholder report: "Testing prior to placing the Twin Cities-Chicago 345,000-volt transmission line in service in May utilized a suspended metal shack called a 'Faraday cage' in which technicians took readings and made adjust…

  • Otter Tail Power - Rolette, ND

    It was a pleasant surprise to see a bunch of JD disks in use on the distribution system here. These strings were likely originally installed on the 13.2kV transmission system that was built through the area in the late 1920s, only to be reassigned to dist…

  • Otter Tail Power - Otter Tail County, MN

    There are not many poles left on OTP's 41.6kV system with these 4-way guy wires. These of course help to prevent entire transmission line sections from falling over in storm situations.

  • Otter Tail Power - Morris, MN

    The south substation in Morris - that incoming line is 115kV, and the double circuit line in back is a downgraded 41.6kV segment now serving as 'express lane' sections into the distribution system.

  • Otter Tail Power - Chippewa County, MN

    A different style of line construction that likely was originally erected by Minnesota Utilities (this portion of Minnesota Utilities' system was served at wholesale by OTP from the late 1920s, and OTP acquired these properties in late 1941).

  • Otter Tail Power - Chippewa County, MN

    I think I finally got a decent picture of the unusual switch setup for the two lines serving Milan. The lower arm is from the Milan Junction sub, and the line from the right runs back over to Appleton (and does hit an open switch along the way). This was…

  • Northern States Power - Montevideo, MN

    Another view of what I think is the 'monopole prototype' line. Kinda weird that they used a 2-up arrangement here, however.

  • Lake Region Electric - Otter Tail County, MN

    The coop's 'Ten Mile Lake' substation. Just off to the left was a semi trailer with a new transformer to replace these 6 old units - something about these makes me wonder if these weren't ex-Otter Tail units. That said, I noticed something about one that…

  • Unknown substation

    I'm not even sure if this is a coop's sub, but it doesn't have an Xcel sign on it. This is fed from the 23.9kV line between Glyndon and the Averill sub.

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