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  • Town Line Road

    This is looking down Town Line Road towards Bottineau, ND. Picture was taken at approximately 2000' elevation while Bottineau sits at approximately 1600' (at the base of the Turtle Mountains in northern ND).

  • Just blown' in the breeze...

    I about went off the road in amazement... that is a roll of electrical tape blowing in the wind! The next time I went through town, the pole was properly topped off with a new luminaire.

  • A faded sign

    Nesbitt's was a company that made a variety of sodas.

  • KVLY-TV (KTHI-TV) tower

    This structure, located between Grand Forks and Fargo, is THE tallest structure in the USA at 2063 feet and the third tallest in the world (behind the recently finished 'Tokyo Skytree' and some tower in the Persian Gulf); taller than the original World Tr…

  • Owatonna airport display

    This was originally a quarter mile north in front of the now-defunct Heritage Halls transportation museum. Three old T-38 fighter jets replicating a "bomb burst" airshow formation.

  • Mohall, ND water tower

    (Thomas Dahle photo) Whoda thunk that a water tower can catch on fire? Apparently the water tower in Mohall once had an insulated covering on the standpipe and which caught fire one day. The pipe covering was not replaced and the tower is still in use to…

  • A lonely house

    This sits in a field along I-29 in northern South Dakota.

  • Family cabin

    (Thomas Dahle photo) Our family's cabin as it appeared in the '70s. Sadly, the people who bought the cabin from us cleared the ENTIRE lot (trees, pavement, and all - leaving only the wellhouse) to pave the way for redevelopment, only for the two familie…

  • Lake Metigoshe

    There was just something so tranquil about waking up and looking out from the windows in the cabin across the mirror-still smoothness of the lake; one morning I decided to grab my camera and walk down for a picture. I miss the cabin...

  • "Linechaser 1"

    This 2004 Chevrolet Classic was the trusty steed from which most all the pictures featured on my photo stream were taken - 120,000+ miles in 8 years! Pic taken on the day I went to exchange it for "Linechaser 2" (a Honda Accord) which I am hoping will gi…

  • Hailstorm

    Aftermath of a springtime hailstorm as viewed from my old apartment balcony. Sioux Falls Light Division Circuit #3 in background.

  • Old radio

    The innards of one of the radios in Mike Parker's collection. He's been gone over a year now and I do not know the fate of his collections; frankly, I fear the worst.

  • North Dakota Badlands

    View from the overlook off I-94 in western ND.

  • Carpio School

    A view of the older part of the now-closed school building in Carpio, ND. Three generations of my family attended this school over the years it was open and one of my great uncles was on the school board at the time they were working to obtain the needed…

  • U-395 "reunion" display

    Non-competitive display of U-395 porcelain Mickey Mouse cable insulators coordinated by Jason Townsend at the 2012 NIA convention. I think this represents about half of the known examples, but there is only one known white U-395 (and yes it's broken).

  • Unlucky

    This is what one unlucky owner got for building a self-storage place on top of an old landfill. Been like this for years.

  • Night snow

    One thing I dislike about winter is how snow at night can cause it to look like daylight. This was taken with NO other light beyond ambient shortly after midnight. The camera did compensate somewhat, so it may actually be a bit brighter than it was.

  • My old job

    That was a PITA right there. And yes I did all that (transferring the drops off that 'extension cord' to the right to the new switches on the rack). The drops that remained were for a second internal network that was eventually transferred to the switche…

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