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11 Feb 2013 429
Hipstamatic Watts Lens / C-Plate film

Juromena Castle

Street Scribble #3

Mimi's Lemon

05 Mar 2011 2 700
Dedicated to dear Mimi who gave me this lemon from her garden and who is now in a difficult situation.
30 Jan 2011 3 554
Best seen on Black

First Snow

Autumn Mood #1

10 Nov 2010 4 583
Best seen On Black

At the seaside #3

At the seaside #2

At the seaside #1

Photokina Herd #5

26 Sep 2010 3 684
Best seen on Black People looking at the Sony World Photography Awards / Amateur photos at the Visual Gallery of the Photokina 2010. Since the exhibition was full of masterpieces of professionals it was very easily discernible that these were amateur photos This series of pictures with the title "Photokina Herd" shows picture of people attending the Photokina 21010 in Cologne. Each one appears to have been taken in one shot but it wasn't. Each one is a superimposition of a series of pictures, sometimes some are superimposed deliberately in a wrong order. so, these people never have been in the same spot at the same time as they appear to be here. Sometimes they appear as ghosts in order to induce the feeling of time passing.

Canon Birds

24 Sep 2010 4 1 894
Six superimposed pictures of the Origami birds who were suspended and moving in a flying like motion

World Cup 2010 - Quarter Final celebrations

World Cup 2010 - Quarter Final celebrations

Esther Kusche / Sammelwerk

25 Apr 2010 1 629
Artist Esther Kusche with one of her works exhibited at the Tease Art Fair in Cologne

Mohamad Al Roumi

14 May 2010 1 1 509
My master of Photography

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