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  • Austerity in my account

    - 7 years ago
    I decided to shrink my account form 1700something pictures to 140 as I got the notification from Ipernity telling me that only my last 200 pictures shall be visible if I do not join the club. I very well understand why Ipernity is doing this (like Flickr as well), but on the other hand I am participating very sporadically here in the last few years and it does not make sense to pay for a subscription. It was painful to delete the around 1550 pictures and songs since many of these contained mem…

  • One Life Photos 2011 Competition

    - July 17, 2011
    Originally I wanted to participate with other pictures that represent more my style.Then I had to watch the tragic events taking place in my home-country Syria and Syrian Army rolling into towns with tanks in order to repress the people's peaceful freedom uprising. I remembered the children of whom I took pictures during a journey with my family and friends at historical sites in the Governorate of Idlib in March 2008. The home region of these children is now under massive attack of army…

  • Impressionist Camera: Pictorial Photography in Europe, 1888-1918

    - August 30, 2009
    This the title of the book I am reading now. Here is a link to the publisher's page: http://www.merrellpublishers.com/books.php I always admired impressionism as a school of art and I did not know that photography had such a movement and that it was struggling so early to acquire the title of art. It is fascinating what these artists were able to do using the Gum Bichromate and Oil Transfer methods. I firs knew about these methods by reading about the work of Franti…

  • The Hot Shoe Diary

    - July 26, 2009
    I am reading for the moment the following book on photography with Flash: The Hot Show Diaries by Joe McNally http://www.peachpit.com/store/product.aspx?isbn=032160248X The author wrote the book in the form of a funny (well this is subjective, and one has to understand American slang) diary showing you different situations or assignments he had to solve and how he did that with small flashes (speedlights). It is especially handy for people use to Nikon systems (unfortunately I shoot with…

  • Czech Photography of the 20th Century

    - May 21, 2009 - 1 comment
    I went today visit an exhibition on "Czech Photography of the 20th Century": www.kah-bonn.de/index_e.htm It was quite inspiring and I was mostly inspired by the old techniques of printing like OIl Prints, Gum Prints and many other processes. I am going to process my pictures in a way that is inspired by these great old pictures. The series is called KAHBRD . There are fabulous works of different styles and schools reflecting the development of photography in the last century. Among them…

  • Holiday time

    - April  5, 2009
    HI everybody, I'll be away for 2 weeks and I'll come back on the 21st. Perhaps I'll have then a few nice pictures from Syria to share with you ;-) I wish you a great Easter

  • Hardware calibration?

    - March 14, 2009 - 1 comment
    I bought the other day a set of fine art print papers to print a few pictures to be sent to a friend as a gift. I soon had to figure out and after I wasted a few sheets of expensive paper (and ink) that it was not possible (or I did not achieve it) to make the prints look like what is appearing on the monitor, assuming it is calibrated. Today, I tested the assumption of the monitor being calibrated and this was was also not the case. So, I took a picture of Kodak Grey scale and standard colour s…

  • Wondering about an ehxibition

    - January 29, 2009
    Dear friends, Last week I went to see the opening of a beautiful exhibition of the photographer Antonio Girbés. It is in fact the series "Untitleds" in this website: http://www.antoniogirbes.com/ Would you please have a look at it and tell me what you think about the backgrounds? Have they been made digitally or rather painted? And if they have been made digitally then how? Any concrete hints and tricks? Please note that each one of these pictures was printed on the size of somehow 80x80…

  • Protests against war in Gaza Group

    - January 14, 2009 - 3 comments
    I started a group called Protests against war in Gaza (Group) The aim of the group is to document the protests against the Gaza war. So, if you happen to have made pictures of protests against this war, you are more than welcome to add them to this pool

  • 1 of 4000

    - January  4, 2009 - 1 comment
    Today I particiapted in a demonstration against the Israeli agression on Palestine in Düsseldorf/Germany. There were something like 4000 remonstrants from all possible groups, parties and individuals, Germans, Arabs and Kurds, etc. I went there to demonstrate to the German government that I am totally unsatisfied from their position towards the aggression and regarding its unconditional support for Israel in general. It was also a chance to take a few journalistic pictures.

  • No pictures to share while blood is being shed in Palestine

    - December 30, 2008
    Well my friends, probably most thing I like is to look at beautiful pictures and share them with you. However, I do not feel like doing that now. I can't do this while people are dying in this horrible manner in Palestine (in this case Gaza) and nobody is moving or even trying to stop this mad killing campaign built on false propaganda and murderous and racist policy as Israel is doing and has been always doing since it has been founded and before that. I am sick of this silence. You can look…

  • Why are manipulating the pictures?

    - December 14, 2008 - 9 comments
    I am asking myself a question all the time: A few decades ago (and even still) it was not possible to obtain cameras with good optic or even other features to deliver a photo with good quality, objectively speaking, without distortion, blur, colour infringement, etc. Many people had to shoot with Polaroids, holgas, lomos, etc. Fascinatingly pictures came out that had bad quality but were regarded as art. In our days, what are many people doing? I am shooting with an excellent camera and excel…

  • More thoughts about Avedon's "In The American West"

    - November  9, 2008
    I mentioned in my last posting Richard Avedon 's exhibition in Berlin. I came back home and went straight away to buy a book about the pictures. I came back with 2 books, one contained the pictures themselves and one written by Laura Wilson titled “ Avedon At Work ”. Wilson accompanied Avedon in his venture as he was taking the pictures. Work extended over 6 years in which portraits of 752 people taken on 17000 large format film sheets in 17 US states and 189 towns were taken. Of all this 123…

  • Richard Avedon: Exhibition in Berlin

    - November  5, 2008
    Today I was in Berlin in a business trip and had extra 2 hours before my flight back so I jumped into the Martin Gropius building where an exhibition of Richard Avedon is taking place. I was stunned by the beauty of the pictures, mostly portraits made with a large format camera in B&W. I was feeling during this that there is no need to make any further portraits in this world. Avedon did it all. It is an amazing feeling to stand before of these pictures, the very large ones and the smaller one…

  • Holiday in Bella Italia

    - October  4, 2008 - 1 comment
    I am going to disappear from here for 2 weeks as I am going to spend 2 weeks of Holiday in Sicily. Let's hope that I'll have a few good shots to share with you when I come back

  • Friday walk at the Rhine

    - May  9, 2008 - 2 comments
    I go every now and then to work with the bicycle when I feel really active and the weather is kind to me. Today was one of those days. Please note that the distance is 12km each way, what is not quite short. The nicest part of it is the peace where I ride along the Rhine river. I decided today to take my camera with me and take a few pictures of a subject I was thinking of in the last days: Ships and boats. So, I left work relatively early and went along the river, starting at the so called R…

  • I.N.R.I.

    - April 27, 2008 - 1 comment
    Don't wonder. This is the name of the book I bought one week ago. It is a beautiful book of Photgpraphs by Bettina Rheims (probably my favourite photographer) and Serge Bramly. It is a combination of text, a modern narration of the story of Jesus life and the photographic interpretation. Well at least the pictures caused big trouble with the Church, I can tell you. Anyway, I sat in my favourite Café at the Museum Ludwig in Cologne and read in the book, listened to the Live Bossa Nova music a…

  • We are all Gaza

    - January 23, 2008 - 4 comments
      The European Campaign to end the siege on Gaza. Action on Thursday Jan. 24. To show solidarity with the people in Gaza, at 20:00 o'clock turn off the lights and light candles for 20 minutes. Copy this image and use it as your avatar for a while or use the theme to create an image dedicated to the people in Gaza. If you know of any other actions in the coming days to show solidarity with the people of Gaza please let others know and feel free to post them here.

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