Skolholm Island Lighthouse

Skokholm July/August 2018

Skolholm Island Lighthouse


23 Jul 2018 22 17 274
Taken on Skokholm Island. I bet some of you thought I wasn't coming back..!! We were supposed to spend 7 days on Skokholm but due to high winds, rough seas and a heavy swell, we were unable to get off safely, so we ended up having to stay for 11 days instead! I have a huge amount of photos to process and a lot of catching up on here, so please be patient with me.

"This Way to the Take Off Area"

26 Jul 2018 19 11 141
Puffin on flight control duties. Taken on Skokholm Island.

Rock Formation and Wild Flowers

25 Jul 2018 9 6 137
Taken on Skokholm Island

Grey Seal preparing to do a bit of bottling!

25 Jul 2018 16 14 135
In the water, seals sleep in a posture called bottling - where their bodies are submerged but their heads remain above water. Taken in the waters off Skokholm Island.

Compass Jellyfish

25 Jul 2018 31 30 869
Taken in the waters off Skokholm Island.

............"and another thing!"

23 Jul 2018 18 20 175
Puffin nagging. Taken on Skokholm Island.

Humming Bird Hawk Moth

27 Jul 2018 20 21 211
Taken on Skokholm Island. A first for me, so I was dead chuffed to get a few decent shots - not easily though as it flies very fast..!!

Spy Rock

23 Jul 2018 8 8 97
Taken on Skokholm Island.

Saturday Night Fever

23 Jul 2018 13 12 191
Puffin doing a John Travalta impression. Taken on Skokholm Island.

Ruby-Tailed Wasp

24 Jul 2018 15 24 169
I'm pretty pleased with this shot as this little beastie is only around 10mm long and I didn't have my macro lens to hand. I took it using my Olympus 40-150mm Pro lens instead. Taken on Skokholm Island.

Puffin Portrait

26 Jul 2018 25 24 261
Taken on Skokholm Island.

Just Chillin'

30 Jul 2018 10 8 148
A pair of Grey Seals relaxing on the rocks. Taken on Skokholm Island.

The Skokholm Cottage

24 Jul 2018 10 17 151
This is where I stayed whilst on Skokholm. There is also a Common Room where everyone meets at 9pm and the Warden takes the days bird, animal and insect counts, and answers any questions.

Puffin Silhouettes

23 Jul 2018 12 8 204
Taken on Skokholm Island.


26 Jul 2018 22 21 199
Puffin on final approach. Taken on Skokholm Island.

View from Skokholm to Skomer

30 Jul 2018 10 10 118
Taken on Skokholm Island. I used my Huawei P20 smart phone for a lot of my landscape photos whilst on Skokholm. I was very impressed with the quality of the work it produced.

Nearly 26 seconds..................

27 Jul 2018 22 19 274
..............on Skokholm Island. I'm playing catch-up at the moment. Please forgive me if I haven't got around to you yet - I'll do my best over the next day or so. Although I can't possibly comment on all photos, I do view them all.

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