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Tree Stump

28 Sep 2022 9 12 25
I spotted this at the edge of a field near Rowlands Castle, Hampshire where I had parked up to take some photos,. It looks as if it's been there for a while and I thought the cut surface made an interesting natural abstract. Best seen large on black, if you have time.

Prinsted Bay

16 Sep 2022 10 16 23
The view from Prinsted Bay, West Sussex.......looking out over Chichester Harbour. In the PiP is the view from the sea wall (on the right) looking back towards the land around Prinsted village. Best viewed large, I think.

Sycamore Leaf

01 Oct 2022 15 26 33
Tabletop photography. I found this leaf on my lawn last Friday after some heavy winds..........and I thought it deserved to have it's portrait taken :-) Photographed using a cheap LED light panel as background. I'm starting to get in the autumn mood, so this will also do for the Macro Dreams ✨ challenges group theme of that name (and it also fits in previous challenges: Leaves, Autumn Leaves) Best viewed large on black if you have time. Thanks for looking!

Black-eyed Susan

30 Sep 2022 13 20 29
There are still quite a few flowers surviving in the Bishop's Palace Gardens in Chichester, West Sussex...........probably because the gardens are inside the city walls and very sheltered.

Rusty Screws

01 Oct 2022 9 16 22
Tabletop photography. Taken for theMacro Dreams ✨ challenges group - Rusty. Also fits the following challenges: Multiple, metal, lines, stripes and ridges.

Robot with Bar Code

30 Sep 2022 15 19 36
Some of you may remember the photo in the PiP. This piece of artwork is from the same café in Chichester, West Sussex. This time however, I've taken the opportunity to change the look into this split-colour effect. I hope you like it. Have a lovely Sunday!

Mystery Tour Landscape

28 Sep 2022 15 26 32
A stop by the roadside whilst on one of my famous "mystery tours", next to a recently harvested field near Walderton, West Sussex. Have a good weekend everyone :-)


29 Sep 2022 21 27 53
Tabletop photography. These would normally be worn with a steampunk type outfit, round the base of a top hat, just above the rim. I found these in a charity shop, they are actually made of plastic, with a horrible faux-gold colour........but by converting to black and white I was able to give them a more metallic look.

Racton Monument

28 Sep 2022 19 28 39
Looking across the fields to this old folly in West Sussex. I've photographed this many times over the years, but it's nearly always possible to find a different perspective or a change in the surrounding countryside, depending on the crops and time of the year. Anyone who is interested can check this place out on the following Wikipedia link: Please have a look large, on black. Thanks for looking :-)

Hilsea Lines

02 Sep 2022 18 32 52
Part of the nature reserve in Hilsea Lines, near Portsmouth, Hampshire. The railway bridge is part of the main line route between London and Portsmouth. The footpath weaves it's way around and under the bridge. Please view large, on black. A slightly different perspective is shown in the PiP. Thanks for looking!

Colours of the Rainbow

26 Sep 2022 18 18 37
Street Art from Southsea, Hampshire.

Dahlia with Hover Fly

21 Sep 2022 23 30 50
This is one of the few surviving dahlias growing in a pot in my front garden.

The Kench

24 Sep 2022 19 30 44
These three images were taken on Hayling Island, Hampshire. The Kench is a small naturally protected inlet which is mainly a nature reserve. To the left (out of shot) is a small private mobile home site. During the national housing shortage of the 1950s several surplus military boats were purchased and converted into living accommodation in the form of house boats located in this protected harbour, several of which are still in use today. Unfortunately I couldn't get much closer to the boats as the whole area is fenced off and private. Please view this image large on black and also have a look at the PiPs to see some more house boats. Thanks for looking.

Agapanthus Seed Heads

21 Sep 2022 24 30 61
These are in a large pot in my front garden. Posted for the Macro Dreams ✨ challenges group. I haven't been able to get a shot for the most recent challenge yet, but this one should fit into these earlier ones: Multiple, In the Garden, Green, Lines, Stripes or Ridges, Repetition, Seed Head, Five or more.

Cow Parsley Flowers Emerging

28 Jun 2022 20 24 47
Taken at the roadside up on Old Winchester Hill. I'm pretty sure of the ID of this wild flower, but if anyone knows different, please tell me. Thank you.


21 Sep 2022 25 28 54
Most of the flowers in my back garden died off during the drought, but some of the ones in pots in my front garden have survived surprisingly well. This is one of them. The background bokeh is an out-of-focus Plumbago plant.

Garden Spider

11 Sep 2022 26 36 64
Normally at this time of year my garden would be full of spiders, but this year we've had very few. I took this one a week or so ago.

Prinsted Bay

16 Sep 2022 21 30 57
Another look at his beautiful part of Chichester Harbour, West Sussex. The board sailor was the only other person in sight, the water was calm and it was very tranquil. In the PiP there is another shot of the same two boats which I posted a few days ago (but in colour this time). Best viewed large.

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