• Crocuses

    I start looking for Crocuses in late February. While we've had them as early as February 26, this year we had our first open flower on March 26. Welcome! Glad to see you! Bring your friends!

  • Lilies and Daisies

    I spent July 3, 1993, planting several dozen lily bulbs in a bed I'd made behind the garage. When Joan joined the household, the Shasta Daisies came along from her old place. This was the delightful result. The picture dates from July of 1997. The flower…

  • Gone to seed

    What remains of the firewheels. I was outside, looking at the crocusii (finally!), and took this shot. Turned out well, methinks.

  • Painted Daisies

    Summer, 2002

  • Sprouts

    Joan's harvest, October 2003.

  • Wild Rose

  • Daffodil

    Spring flowers are surprisingly difficult to photograph. The problem I find is context: Everything else is still brown. Of course, that's also what makes spring flowers exciting.

  • First Tulip

    That's our first tulip of the year. Somehow Joan's managed to transform a rather ugly flower into this interesting image. Not sure how, but I like it. Camera: Olympus Stylus 410 Photo by Joan Bennett

  • Dakota's Columbine

    Columbine, in our "show" garden. The neighbor's grandkid, Dakota, helped Joan plant this, so he tends to think it's his. We don't mind....

  • White Pine

    I planted three small white pines--two side-by-side in the front, the other near the yard's back corner--early in 1992, hoping they'd eventually grow to reasonable size. (Small, indeed--I carried them home in my Chevy Nova. Took three trips.) They've…

  • Dad's <strike>Azalea</strike> Flowering Quince

    One of the mementos Mom received when Dad passed away was this Azalea Quince (there's a story about that strikeout). When she couldn't get it to flourish in her yard, Mom offered it to me. In my yard it's been very successful; in fact, we've found it ne…

  • Another Daffodil

  • Daffodil

    Camera: Nikon N90s Photo by Joel Dinda More information

  • Yellow Crocuses

  • Azalea Revisited

    Turns out Joan's also been photographing the Azalea. Nice shot. Camera: Olympus Stylus 410 Photo by Joan Bennett

  • Plum

  • Iris

    Commentary on a dabbler's journal

  • Windflower

    These pretty flowers open with and among our daffodils every spring, to our great delight. This year's the first time I've managed a satisfactory photograph....

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