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  • A Walk in the Woods

    Kiwanis Youth Conservation Area, near Bellevue, Michigan.

  • Sandhill Cranes, high overhead

    Michigan Audubon's Crane Festival's this weekend, and as usual we'll be attending this afternoon. But we got a preview of sorts late yesterday when this rather raucous flock passed by. I had the new pocket camera in hand, so I pointed it skyward to captu…

  • Trees at the Tustin Rest Area

    Traverse Bay Vacation October 2018--Day 4 On Tuesday we headed home. We found some excellent color at the scenic overlook in US-131's Tustin rest area.

  • Color Tour

    Traverse Bay Vacation October 2018--Day 3 Colors around Kalkaska were pretty near peak. And darned near perfect.

  • The Lady Blacksmith

    Traverse Bay Vacation October 2018--Day 2 Don't think I'd visited the blacksmith shop in Glen Haven since I was a kid.

  • Color

    Traverse Bay Vacation October 2018--Day 1 It rained for basically the whole drive north, but we found some color. This is the Cadillac rest area on US-131.

  • Soybeans

  • Soybeans in Brown

    \With just a hint of yellow.

  • Soybeans in Yellow and Brown

  • Soybeans in Yellow

  • Soybeans in Green & Yellow

  • Soybeans in Green

    With a few yellow hints. Went looking at bean fields the other day. Thought I'd share a few photos this week.

  • Black-Eyed Susan

  • Bush with Pretty Leaves

    Saint Ignace.

  • Going to Seed

  • Fun and Games "Hopscotch"

    aka Foamy Bells, a Heucherella hybrid. That's what it says on the garden center's tag. With "[c]reamy, bottlebrush-like flowers." These are those.

  • Autumn Comes to the Garden

    Found this guy checking out the Verbena.

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