Joel Dinda

Joel Dinda

Posted on 10/22/2005

Photo taken on October 21, 2005

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Lights Out

Lights Out
Joan and I went to a friend's retirement party last night. When we got home, we discovered the town's power had failed. Power failed a bit before 4 pm; returned between midnight and 1 am. The cause was apparently a car crash in or near Sunfield, about 4 miles down the road.

The barely-visible plant deserves a mention. It was a gift from my co-workers the week of my heart attack, and is now a year old. And I'm a year older. That's good.

Fortunately neither of us had had many drinks at Elfie's party; when the power fails, nothing in this house works.

And for the record: Consumers Energy's automated problem-reporting system is absolutely infuriating. Scads of menues, and no information whatever. No apparent way to get a human on the phone, either. Their website's not much better, and wasn't available to me anyway.