Joel Dinda

Joel Dinda

Posted on 06/06/2012

Photo taken on June  2, 2012

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The Window Garden

The Window Garden
This was the site of my very first gardening effort, a Spring Hill package called "The Pink Garden." Over the years it's evolved into this predominantly-Hosta garden, and has been fairly stable for perhaps a decade.

Only some Coneflowers survive from the original plantings--and those have migrated a bit. The Hostas arrived year by year, a plant at a time; no two years' plantings were the same. The tall Lilies supply some color, as do the Coneflowers and Sedum (and the hidden Bleeding Heart, if you can find it). There are a few other plants here and there, and of course some annuals (Yellow Petunias, this year) out front.

This is one of the Spring gardens, with MANY daffodils/narcissi. Joan's annual indoor Hyacinth usually gets planted here after the flower fades.

Many of our bird feeders are visible through the picture window, and from the porch. Sad to report that the neighborhood cats have noticed. They've also noticed that the Hostas make great cover. Sometimes you need to just accept....

Some years ago I posted a photo from a similar perspective. The porch has changed, and some bushes have gone, but the garden's much the same.