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  • Great Bear Constellation and Polaris Star

    Pour ne pas perdre le Nord!!!!! As seen in Bretagne near our home, the Great Bear also called Chariot or Big Pan is a well visible constellation; we are in the countryside with no parasite lights of towns and I have supressed the many other very litt…

  • 201307 VPFJCRussiaKarelia

    In the 18th century, two major churches and a bell tower were built on the island, which are now known as Kizhi Pogost; The first mentioning of churches on the island is dated to 1563; This document describes two domed wooden churches with a bell tower st…

  • 510x312Base20USA5waterFalls

    1: Wyoming Yellowstone NP 2: Wyoming Yellowstone Lower River Fall 3: Idaho Shoshone Falls 4: New York Ausable Chasm Falls 5: Oregon Columbia Gorges Multomah Falls 6: Washington Mt Rainier NP Narita Falls 7:…

  • 510x312Base20USA4

    1 Utah Capitol Reef NP Cathedral Valley; 2 Nevada Valley of Fire SP stone eagle; 3 Utah Kodachrome Basin SP giant monolithe; 4 Utah Kodachrome Basin curious sandpipe; 5 Utah Cathedral Gorge SP; 6 Utah Bryce Canyon NP Hoddos; 7 Utah Cedar Breaks NM; 8 Ut…

  • 510x312Base20USA3

    1: Oregon Crater Lake NP 2: Colorado Rocky Moutains NP 3: Montana Glacier NP Bearhat 4: Utah Capitol Reef NP 5: Utah Cedar Breaks NM 6: Utah Bryce Canyon NP 7: Utah Bryce Canyon…

  • 510x312Base20USA2

    1; Utah Capitol Reef NP 2; Wyoming Green River Lake Square Top Mountain 3; Washington Mt Suksan 4; South Dakota Badlands NP 5; Washington Cascades Bells 6; Oregon Mt Washington 7; South Dakota Badlands NP 8; Hawaï Oahu Diamond H…

  • 510x312Base20USA1

    1 Wyoming Devils Tower NM 2 Alaska Denali NP Mt Mac Kinley 3 Washington Mt Rainier NP 4 California Yosemite NP 5 Wyoming Grand Teton NP 6 Hawaï Big Island sea lava 7 Ala…

  • 200101 Burma NF Trip

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS!!! Clockwise external: First line Yangon ( hotel Yusanna, Sule pagoda, Schwedagon Buddha and golden stupa, Boat Karaweik hall), Mingun local transportation, Baby monk ordination near Mandalay, Mandalay Palace sunset…

  • 20010116-0412ac Sunset at U Bein Bridge

    The teak wood bridge is a great landmark of Burma; Myanmar (Burma) Mandalay District Amarapura area.

  • 20010116-0405ac Burmese Poor Kid on U Bein Bridge

    All the distress of poorness but without claim and always with a smile; He is now 17 years older and I hope in better conditions! Myanmar Burma Mandaly region U bein teak bridge Amarapura area.

  • DSC 0454ac Usual Image of Burma, Stupas and Oil Derricks

    Unusual association! Taken from the running bus; Burma Bagan road to Prome (Pyay) Yenanyaung Valley.

  • 20010122 Burma Bagan Htilominlo 1211 Guard-0699ac

    I am 55 years old here and this guard is probably less than 25 but perhaps more than 30; Except the difference of age, Khmer and European faces look so different!! From wikipedia : Htilominlo pagoda is…

  • DSC 0209ac Plougrescant Castel Meur Area

    One of my preferred view near our home in Plougrescant; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village.

  • DSC 0061ac House in the Rocks

    Best image of mine of this famous house! France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Castel Meur landmark.

  • DSC 0060ac Castel Meur Path Warning Panel

    Dangerous adders are present!!! We saw a dead big one on the roadside not far from here and from home! France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Castel Meur area.

  • P6193203ac Roadside Crowded Massive of Ficoides

    Aizoaceas family also called magic carpets due to their flowers density; France Bretagne Region (Brittany) Côtes -d'Armor Department Plougrescant Camping du Gouffre road.

  • P6143182ac Roadside Flamboyant Poppies "coquelicots"

    A little dog is waiting the post-office man; France Bretagne Côtes d'Armor Plougrescant Pors Bugale Castel Meur road near our "camping du gouffre".

  • P6143181ac Plougrescant Poppies

    "coquelicot"; France Bretagne Côtes d'Armor Plougrescant Pors Bugale Castel Meur road near our "camping du gouffre".

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