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  • DSC 0193ac Haliotis supertextra

    Also called ormeaux in French or abalones in English, also ears of the sea or Breton caviar; This shell is sold fresh with the animal inside around 5€ in Bretagne local supermarkets and appreciated cooked with parsley and garlic, salted butter of Bretagne…

  • DSC 0088ac Home Agapanthus

    France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Le Gouffre Home.

  • DSC 0226ac Bye Laurence and Jean-Luc!

    Our pleasant neighbours saying bye-bye before fronting the four hours drive to their home in Normandy; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village Camping du Gouffre home.

  • 201606Plougrescant Symbols

    Self built image; Pors Scaff beach Napoleon's Hat, marine pines, St Gonery Chapel; France Bretagne Region Côtes-d'Armor Department Plougrescant Village.

  • Our Loved Vietnam

    TO SEE ENLARGED!!! We made the trip in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia in 2005; Our first visit was in the exquisite region of Luang Prabang in Laos not to populated; We left Vientiane and Laos to the not so far capital of North Vietnam Hanoi and the transitio…

  • Vietnam Cat Ba Island Langur Family

    Il faut parait-il au moins deux saillies pour faire un beau petit langur! Celui-ci s'appelle Régis et son papa est du Nord aussi ( du Vietnam!!! ); Vietnam Halong Bay Cat Ba Island.

  • 200107 Three Greek Islands

    All deeply different, all enchanting! Itineraries : Paris Orly Kerkyra Corfou Ipsos Agios Stefanos Cassioppi Spiridonas Mt Pandokrator Agios Martinos Strenissa Ipsos Roda Love Canal Sidari Peroulades Aviliotes Agios Stefan…

  • 2001 07 Corfu Crete Santorini

    We began by Corfu, the island where empress Sissi built a wonderful palace called Achileion in remembrance of her loved disappeared son, an Ionian island full of sweet and numerous marvelous landscapes, a true paradise to discover with a touch of Italy! T…

  • 2001 01-02 Myanmar(Burma) Indonesia Sumatera Singapore

    200101-02 Burma Sumatera The Legendary Travel: Two stunning trips in the far East totally different in all ways plus Singapore as a hub; Burma was a trip to a flat tropical very Buddhist Nation and Sumatera a trip to an equatorial volcanic island of Indon…

  • 200101-02 Myanmar(Burma) Indonesia Sumatera Singapore

    We made two trips in one; We had bought to NF (Nouvelles Frontieres) a group tour in Burma; Being in Singapore so far from France and so close to the never visited Sumatra, I obtained of NF to differ our back flight Singapore Paris of one week and bought…

  • 200006 USA21 Denver Grand Circle

    Real itinerary: Paris CDG Washington Dulles Denver Aurora Manitou Springs Garden of the Gods Cripple Creek Florissant Fossil Bed NM Woodland Park Morrisson Red Rock SP Roxborough SP Denver Collfax Central City…

  • 2000 06 USA21 Denver Grand Circle

    Everyday amazing trip among the splendours of the Rockies and I have shown here very few! From Denver to Yellowstone NP, then to Salt Lake City and Las Vegas by Great Basin NP and from Vegas to Denver by many national parks and the Colorado river, this is…

  • 200001and02 South Africa Swaziland

    200006 USA21 Grand Circle France Paris CDG Frankfurt Mein Johannesburg Cape Town Cape Town, Signal Hill, Table Mountain Cablecar, Outbay,…

  • 200101 South Africa The Immense Safari

    South Africa is the country of all superlatives, offering the largest diversity of ethnic peoples tribes and religions, of veggies, fruits, wines and flowers, of sublime landscapes and wild animals of the creation permitting for example to see near Cape T…

  • VPFJC Canada 200507

    Royal Canadian Mounted Police Inspection; Queen Elizabeth II visited the Royal Canadian Mounted Police during our Canada stage in 2005.

  • Some Huang Shan Yellow Mountains Splendors

    I have drawn the chinese in central pic calligraphy of Huang Shan meaning Yellow Mountain, a name given by people to honour their yellow emperor siecles ago; It is a fantastic natural site where sharp and very abrupt peaks covered of lovely pines are vani…

  • IM000661jc Steep Straight Staircase Carved in the Rock

    An incredible performance of manual workers in the past times!!!! I should have died to climb that impressive staircase; See the courageous tourists on the Lotus peak summit! China Anhui Province Yellow Mountains Huang Shan NP UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Huang Shan Sumptuous Nature

    China Anhui Province Yellow Mountains Huang Shan NP UNESCO World Heritage Image by Ilya Genkin.

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