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  • 198711 Reunion Mauritius Paradises

    Trip in paradise for my mother, me and Pierre;Two different islands, very different landscapes, different colonial history, French and Creole as common languages and roots while Mauririus is more turned to English and other dialects; Best destinations wor…

  • 1987 11 Reunion Mauritius Paradises

    3 weeks in paradise with Jacques's mother! We arrived in the French Reunion island only one day after the eruption of the Fournaise volcano and saw even on the seaside that the very recent lava flow divided around a little church which was not destroyed b…

  • 1985 04 Guadeloupe French Carribean Department

    A family trip with my mother, my brother and wife; We had rented a house near Le Moule; This house was perfect but built in an agricultural zone of sugar cane fields and was infested for this reason by daily seen large and poisonous centipedes! The change…

  • 198504 Guadeloupe Roads

    It is not a very large island but enough charming by it exotism to make there an holiday destination as Martinica not too far!

  • 198206 USA01 West


  • 1982 06 USA01 CaliforniaArizonaUtahNevadaCalifornia

    TO SEE ENLAGED FOR DETAILS!!!! It is our first trip to USA; We bougth it to Nouvelles Frontieres: (Air France direct B747 flight to LA, car reservation with Hertz (a very glutton Ford Grand AM and my first automatic and I shall continue with automatic c…

  • 198112 Asia Southeast

    A new trip to Indonesia Bali with a visit of Borobudur Buddhist complex and Prambanan Hindu complex in Java near Jogjakarta; Bangkok Hongkong and Macau have preceeded plaisantly this new South Asia trip! Our home neighbour in Clichy was the chief stewart…

  • 1981 12 Southeast Asia Indonesia Java Bali

    A lot of landmarks in Bangkok area (Damnoern Saduak floating markets, Royal Palace, Wat Po, Wat Phra Keo, Menam cruise, Ayutahaya temples, Nakhom Pathom Buddha, Oriental Hotel, Summer Palace, Rose Garden Folk show), in Hongkong and Macau not yet Chinese s…

  • 1981 06 Greece Continental Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands

    A trip aimed to discover Meteoras and see again Athens, Delphi and Peloponnese archaeological landmarks plus a cruise to Mykonos and Delos in the Cyclades and a flight to Rhodes with another cruise to the white and brilliant villages of Symi and Kos; The…

  • 198106 Greece Continental Cyclades and Dodecanese Islands

    Meteoras have been a fascinating discovery while Delphi remains an outstanding archaeological place; Mykonos was surpopulated with tourits mainly gay! Rhodes and Symi were brilliant destinations!

  • 1980 11 North India Nepal

    TO SEE ENLARGED The magnificence of this first trip to India and Nepal has marked for ever our minds; The first discovery of Taj Mahal in Agra stays unforgettable, Jaipur and the elephant ride in Amber also, the explosions of laugh in Kajuraho erotic tem…

  • 198011 North India Nepal

    Our fist trip to these Nations so different that we thought to visit another planet! The shock has been immense either in beauty discoveries and in deep poverty omnipresence! Presenting only to-day pics on Nepal we know that this country has been severely…

  • 1980 04 Alps Milan Venice Italian Lakes Riviera Matterhorn

    It has been a marvelous trip that we enjoyed with my mother absolutely amazed by high Alps in France and Italy and of course by Milan Duomo Venice discovery and the dreamed Italian Lakes so rich in outstanding landscapes villages and properties! A trip sp…

  • 198004 Alps Milan Venice Italian Lakes Riviera Matterhorn

    A mountain of natural and architectural wonders all along the road between the two prestigious towns of Paris and Venice!

  • 197906 Auvergne Alpes Milan Tuscany Rome Nice Provence

    A long trip with my Alfaromeo that died just when arriving in Rome then restarted after one day of parking! Miracle???

  • 1979 06 Auvergne Provence Lombardy Tuscany Rome

    Two stays in Auvergne Pierre's family, many architectural wonders of Italy, a stay in Provence riviera, perfect vacations!!!

  • 1979 04 Germany Rhine Cruise

    A very romantic cruise and a good beer in Brussels fabulous Grand Place;

  • 197904 Gemany Rhine Cruise Coblence Rudesheim

    Flights 1486 km cruise Coblence-Rudesheim A/R 266 km

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