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  • P6237953ac Neuchatel Dom New Choir Grand Organ

    I should like I had got the permission to play it, what a dream!!! Notice the buffet wood lace at center top which looks as a butterfly! Switzerland Neuchatel Cathedral (Dom).

  • P6237930ac Lovely Swiss Shutters

    Hair dresser and newspapers kiosque house; Switzerland Neuchatel area.

  • 200205 Some Marvels of Prague Among Thousands

    Prague, town of thousands belfries is a gigantic museum and one of the most beautiful capitals of Europa! Our group trip began by the visit of some UNESCO classified sites of Bohemia touring by bus around the town of Tabor as hotel hub then the capital;…

  • IM000362a Tabor Plazza

    Tabor was the hub of our South Bohemia Tour; Tábor , important town in Czech history, the Hussite city; The Hussite Museum and Zizka Square dominated by a monument, labyrinth of tunnels under the houses and streets in the centre, lake Jordán, Baroque Chur…

  • Some Highlights of South Bohemia

    Just some highlights outside pictures of Cemsky Krumlov UNESCO World Heritage, Rosenberg castle, Tabor, Jindrichjuv Hradec, Chlumu Trebon, Ceske Budejovice, Hluboka chateau, Holašovice (Holaschowitz) Historic Village UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1998 ; T…

  • P4077066ac Cefalu Presbyterium at Easter Time

    Adapted for the Arab-Norman cathedral, this Christ has blond hair and clear eyes while the bear remains black!!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia; ArtworksPresbyterium mosaic: It was probably planned that the entire church should be decorated in mosa…

  • P4077062ac Cefalu Cathedral Choir

    The Christ pantocrator has a kind of halo around his head just made by light effect on the golden mosaics apparently without additional lamps! Italy Sicily Mediterranean Island Palermo Province Cefalu Town Cathedral.

  • P6057239ac Lyon Old Library Very Attractive Showcase

    My favorite comic strip since childhood that made me love to draw and to trip for all a life time! The shop was closed, a chance for my purse!!! France Rhône-Alpes Region Rhône Department Lyon capital Cathedral Quarter.

  • P6198036ac Roman Belfry Framed by Ifs

    Spain Catalonia Region Girona Town Cathedral and Churches Complex.

  • P6198031ac Girona Window on a Roman Belfry

    Spain Catalonia Region Girona Town Cathedral and Churches Complex.

  • P6198030ac Girona Cathedral Saint Mary

    From wikipedia: The Cathedral of Saint Mary of Girona is the cathedral church of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Girona; Its interior includes the widest Gothic nave in the world, with a width of 22 metres (72 ft), and the second widest overall after that o…

  • P6188016ac Plesant Purple Bougainvilleas

    France Languedoc-Roussillon Region Pyrénées-Orientales Department Collioure area.

  • P6177948ac Splendid Retable, Oil Painting and Windows

    France Languedoc-Roussillon Region Aude Department Narbonne Town Cathedral St Just and St Pastor classified Historical Monument.

  • Voeux 2016

    En espérant que les horreurs de 2015 ne se renouvellent ni en France ni ailleurs!

  • P9151003ac Renaissance Porch

    France Bretagne Region Côtes d'Armor Department Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame.

  • P9151001ac Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame South View 12th-16th

    The Basilica is a remarkable architectural landmark which construction begins with the twelfth century and ends with the sixteenth; Its South façade gives the best idea of the architectural complexity of the building with the three construction periods: R…

  • P9150997ac Stunning Gothic Architecture

    We can see here four flying butresses which are exceptionally inside the church; France Bretagne Region Côtes d'Armor Department Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame.

  • P9150973ac Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame Porch

    France Bretagne Region Côtes d'Armor Department Guingamp Basilica Notre Dame.

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