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  • 198011 North India Nepal

    Our fist trip to these Nations so different that we thought to visit another planet! The shock has been immense either in beauty discoveries and in deep poverty omnipresence! Presenting only to-day pics on Nepal we know that this country has been severely…

  • 1980 04 Alps Milan Venice Italian Lakes Riviera Matterhorn

    It has been a marvelous trip that we enjoyed with my mother absolutely amazed by high Alps in France and Italy and of course by Milan Duomo Venice discovery and the dreamed Italian Lakes so rich in outstanding landscapes villages and properties! A trip sp…

  • 198004 Alps Milan Venice Italian Lakes Riviera Matterhorn

    A mountain of natural and architectural wonders all along the road between the two prestigious towns of Paris and Venice!

  • 197906 Auvergne Alpes Milan Tuscany Rome Nice Provence

    A long trip with my Alfaromeo that died just when arriving in Rome then restarted after one day of parking! Miracle???

  • 1979 06 Auvergne Provence Lombardy Tuscany Rome

    Two stays in Auvergne Pierre's family, many architectural wonders of Italy, a stay in Provence riviera, perfect vacations!!!

  • 1979 04 Germany Rhine Cruise

    A very romantic cruise and a good beer in Brussels fabulous Grand Place;

  • 197904 Gemany Rhine Cruise Coblence Rudesheim

    Flights 1486 km cruise Coblence-Rudesheim A/R 266 km

  • 198006 Spain Large Tour

    June 07 : Paris - St Alyre (Auvergne) June 08 : St Alyre - Neussargues - St Alyre June 09 : St Alyre June 10 : St Alyre Borg les Orgues - Brioude - St Alyre June 11 : St Alyre June 12 : St Alyre June 13 : St Alyre - La Voulte Chilhac -…

  • 198006 France Spain Tour Theft in Seville

    No picture of this large trip as all was theft in Seville; I replaced by mouth delights! The story: Arrived in Seville at night we began to search an hotel and found on a minor street a quiet plaza with a lighted hotel in the center; I parked our car in f…

  • 197609 Greece and Evia

    A trip organized by my friend Gisèle before I met Pierre so he was not with us; She was very happy to bring me in her loved country and to have a friend as driver.

  • 197609 Greece and Evia

    My friend Gisele was a passionate person of Greek Archaeology and loved particularly the Tholos of Delphi; We visited also the island of Evia and came back to Attica by Aghios Konstantinos.

  • 197506 UK Jersey Island

    Not a very far trip; I have no photo of us here in Bretagne taken during this trip exept an identity picture dating from this month of 1975.

  • 197506 FranceStMaloUKJerseyStHelier

    I just remember how Jean Paul was seek in the hydrofoil, not the marine foot for a Breton of origin!

  • 198901-02 Brazil Argentina1 Paraguay

    The leungs of the planet!!! Hours of flight to Amazonas above a green ocean with no signs of human presence but unknown tribe probably exist!....Total flights by Varig were of 31.882 km and excellent, ( transatlantic flights with meals in porcelaine dishe…

  • 198901-02 All Brazil

    This tour by NF was very complete and aimed the carnaval not in Rio but in Salvador de Bahia; It permitted the visit of Rio de Janeiro, of the federal capital Brazilia, of the far region of Amazonas from Manaus to Belem, of Recife and Olinda and also of t…

  • 197508 Italy Rome Assisi Ostia

    A pilgrimage offered by my Mother to discover the marvels of Vatican, the Sixtine chapel, the magnificent views from the top of St Peter cupola on the large plaza and papal gardens, the main papal basilicas and numerous other landmarks of the Eternal Town…

  • 197508 Italy Rome Assisi Tivoli Ostia

    It is always a great pleasure to go to Rome!

  • 198806 Turkey Anatoly Cappadoce

    A long group tour organized by Marmara specialist of this vast country to discover first the outstanding town of Istambul, named Byzance or Constantinople in the past, the point of convergence of many civilisations between Orient and Occident, a melting…

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