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  • 20010114-0226ac Colourful Veggies

    Probably grown without any chemical products!!! Myanmar (Burma) Mandalay Zeigyo Market.

  • 20010114-0222ac Mandalay Royal Palace Bastion

    Mandalay was founded in 1857 as the new royal capital by King Mindon and quickly became Myanmar's spiritual centre; There is a huge concentration of pagodas and monasteries in Mandalay itself and in the neighbouring towns of Amarapura, Ava, Sagaing and Mi…

  • Burma Bagan Bhuddist Site

    TO SEE ENLARGED FOR DETAILS All pictures are from my scanned slides taken in January 2001; The Burmese Buddhist complex of Bagan in Myanmar (previously Pagan) surpasses in size and perhaps in beauty its two main concurrents that we visited also, Angkor…

  • 20010116-0365ac The Adorable Niniwe

    When we arrived in the caves site, a young girl came immediately to me and hangged a little metallic butterfly on my shirt, saying 'I am Niniwe, now I can't loose you, you belong to me!'; She was probably used to guide tourists locally; As it was very hot…

  • 20010123-0776ac Sunset on Ayeyarwadi River

    Solitary ramble near the river to admire the sunset; Myanmar (Burma) Ayeyarwadi River near Bagan.

  • 20010115-0335ac Snoopy So Proud to Carry my Bag!

    Myanmar (Burma) Village on Ayeyarwady River near Mandalay.

  • 20010115-0327ac Sunset on Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River

    The Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River is a river that flows from North to South through Myanmar; It is the country's largest river and most important commercial waterway; Originating from the confluence of the N'mai and Mali rivers, it flows relatively…

  • 20010123-0780ac Ayeyarwadi River Sunset

    The Irrawaddy River or Ayeyarwady River flows from North to South through Myanmar; It is the country's largest river and most important commercial waterway; Myanmar (Burma) Mandalay District Ayeyarwadi River near Bagan.

  • 20010129-0912ac Sumatra Berastagi Hotel and Active Sinabung Volcano

    Active Strato Volcano Sinabung viewed from the hotel 's gardens; Indonesia Sumatera Island Berastagi Village Batak Tribe hotel.

  • 20010128-0909ac Local Fruits Stand

    On first plan the soooooo delicious mangosteens that you crack in your fingers to find five or more white juicy sweet and perfumed slices; Indonesia Sumatera Island Berastagi Village Batak Tribe Market.

  • 20010129-0920ac Sipisopiso Falls

    The beautiful Sipisopiso falls that we discovered just before arriving in the North Toba Lake depression.

  • 20010128-0894ac Medan Sultan Palace

    One of the great landmarks of Medan; We arrived in Medan on a Sunday and all was closed; Speaking with people in the main street at downtown we obtained the aperture of a local travel agency (Anna) who gave us immediately a car and a driver to visit some…

  • 20010203-1373cc Indonesia Sumatera Part of the 2001 Trip

    First we went to Singapore then visited Burma by bus with a very pleasant NF group of 27 people and a NF Guide Carol plus an additional guide in Burma named U Kyaw Bo Tha, the memorable and adorable 'oui-oui'; We went back together to Singapore and the gr…

  • Burma Dandaryi Travel-NF Group Itinerary 2001

    The local trip was organized by the excellent Dandaryi Travel and Tour TO of Rangoon and we got there a second local guide for all the trip very thoughtful named U Kyaw Bo Tha who asked to be called 'ouioui' as he said often yes and never refused any form…

  • P8183473ac Guimiliau Choir Altar and Pulpits

    France Bretagne Region Finistère Department Guimiliau Parish Close.

  • P8183466ac Guimiliau Sun Lighted Calvary Side

    The parish enclosure in Guimiliau is one of the richest, mainly famous for its calvary which has more figures than any other in Brittany, more than 200 in all! Work began in 1581 and the granite carvings are of an exceptional quality; We can see here at f…

  • P8183465ac Guimiliau Calvary: The Flight into Egypt

    oseph, dressed as a burgher, leads the donkey carrying Mary and baby Jesus to escape the massacre of the Holy Innocents (male childs) ordered by crual king Herod; France Bretagne Region Finistère Department Guimiliau Parish Enclose.

  • P8183463ac Guimiliau Calvary Christ Washing Disciples's Feet

    Work began on the calvary in Guimiliau in 1581. This one has the greatest number of figures sculpted in the granite (more than 200!); It presents the scenes of Christ's passion and that enabled the parish priest to teach the Bible story to a population th…

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